Not so Japan -easy

July 5, 2006 at 1:44 pm | Posted in Language Study, Podcasts | 1 Comment

I went to Berlitz last night for a complimentary beginner’s Japanese class. Overall I wasn’t satisfied with the class. While I see the advantage of a small class if everyone’s not up to speed it can bring everything down. I felt bad for one of the students who had clearly not studied at all and the teacher tried to explain the concepts but it was not sinking in. One of the other students was obviously frustrated and kind of an ass about it, the final student seemed decent. The teacher was ok and while I understood her unhappiness with the weak student I didn’t appreciate the comments she made when he was out of the room. Professionalism please! On the flip side (that’d be my puerile side) the teacher had long curly hair, occasionally she’d run her hand through it leaving a big swath of it, up and over the left to the right side. I had to stifle my laughter – I must have been bored or tired – I had had 3 coffees and a coke that day!

While I want to speak the language I also want to be able to read and write. Assuming (big assumption) I do study when I plan to I can see myself getting bored pretty quickly in class, personally I don’t need to drill the same forms relentlessly. I’d rather do it for a bit, study at home to be reviewed the next week and then move onto more content. Though, that’s just me.

Apparently Berlitz classes basically only do verbal work. They do offer private and semi-private classes but there are only two Japanese teachers, as I’ve mentioned already I’m not thrilled with the teacher I had and having to spend 10, 1 on 1 classes would be a trial. Unfortunately the other teacher comes in on a day I can’t come in.

Regardless of where I study or whether it’s self-study using tools like Japaneses Pod 101 or not will require me to actually study and make an effort. Without that it’s all pointless.

I shall make an effort as my abilities increase to write small pieces in other languages.

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