Canada Day 2009

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Canada Day: London edition was a celebration of all things Canadian. Whether a result of the economic downturn or green algae in the fountains there seemed to be fewer people than last year but for my money that benefited the event.

For one I could walk fairly easily around the Square and the for the other accessing stalls (for food, drink or travel and work information) was significantly easier.

Canada Day (12) Canada Day (15)

But onto the event.

Trafalgar was awash with red and white with maple leaves covering bodies and clothes. The crowd – even with alcohol – was friendly and relaxed. Events were hosted on both the main stage and a central court. While I was attending there was a hockey game between Oxford and Cambridge, with the former winning.

Canada Day (4) Canada Day (7)

Next year if you can make it you should try and stop by to look while grabbing a burger, sit on the steps and enjoy the atmosphere.

More photos at Flickr.

Canada Day 2008

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At the beginning of July (Tuesday 1st July to be exact) and if you were in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square or the Maple Leaf Bar in Covent Garden you would have seen a throng of red and white as Canadians celebrated their national day.

Canada Day 2008 001

Dominating the Square was a stage. The night before it featured some bigger acts at a free concert but tonight the line up seemed to be more folksy.

I stopped by briefly and was surprised by the number of people – certainly more than at the Korean festival from a few weeks ago. There were long queues at the food and beverage stalls so I skipped them but the burgers did smell delicious.

Canada Day 2008 005

On one side of the square were a few stalls showcasing tourism (mainly Alberta as the key sponsor) and food (like cookies and breads). The upper level had a long line of information booths. At least that’s what I think they were because by 6 they’d packed up. Montreal had a tent, which one presenter pointed out, was set apart all by itself. Even on Canada Day everyone can’t get along.

Canada Day 2008 008

After my lap of the square I made my way home but it definitely looked as though the Canadians and their supporters were having a good time.

Canada Day 2008 007

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