Application! I never mentioned any application.

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Did I write my applications? Short answer: no. Long answer: no way. One of the reasons for this blog is to remind me of my lame excuses when I don’t do something, when I procrastinate. I didn’t do it, as I wrote yesterday I spent the evening wasting time, I ended up deciding to write it at work and downloaded all of the info and my preliminary responses to my thumb drive. Of course this meant that my work PC didn’t have a USB slot! Old indeed. Though considering I didn’t leave until after 7 tonight without wasting time I couldn’t have completed it anyway. Well it’s my responsibility and my fault, no complaining and no blame shifting. No choice but to try harder next time. Still one other job that I want to apply for that’s due next week and it looks really good. I must get it done.

What with the late-ish time at work (the permanent staff will be there much, much later) there’s nothing else of note to report. Not even crazy weird people around town!

Apparently I’m already over uni

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A week ago I had my last exam, had a good day out with friends and wished them luck in their last exam in a class we both did but due to different assessment regimes I wouldn’t take the exam. That exam was today and yet I’d already forgotten. If I hadn’t read Rhiannon’s blog I would have been totally oblivious. Weird that it feels like a completely different period so soon, though the obvious structure of a 9-5 combined with being very busy and finishing late are likely contributing factors. So what does a good procrastinator do? Send out a text message to everyone for drinks. OK a good procrastinator would leave it till the hour beforehand to invite people and still have them turn up and a truly great procrastinator would do all that and get there late.

Of course writing both text messages and this help me to procrastinate from starting the job application that’s due to be emailed in tomorrow morning. Actually it’s two applications but they’re for the same office (different contacts though), practically the same role and exactly the same criteria. So it should be OK. To write. Progressing is a different matter altogether.

It’s a good thing I studied all those years as I just caught myself using the wrong their/they’re/there and not instantly either! Yep money well spent. Although I’ve tended to ramble rather than write of late.

Yep, applications.

I wonder if there’s someone I could email. Of course, there’s always someone to email.

And now for something completely different… well four things

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Here are four completely random things I thought about today:

– How odd is the word “alight” I don’t know it’s history but I only seem to hear it rarely, usually in a transport context, so I was wondering today as I heard it over the loudspeaker at the station. Then I pondered how non-English speakers deal with it, especially travellers, as it’s never come up in my beginner classes when I study other languages so presumably it doesn’t come up for them either. Then again who really understands what they say over station speakers anyway.

-Now for the gross, how good does it feel when you blow your nose really well and it’s like your nose suddenly feels free?! Not just free but clear all the way up to your brain. No doubt it’s probably a result of some brain cells dying but it still feels great when you feel clear for the first time in ages.

– How is it that water dispensers, those ones with the delivered water bottles on top, don’t fit a standard water bottle at the tap leaving you no option but to put your bottle at an angle resulting in spillage on the floor.  

-I’m not used to train travel, normally I commute by foot, car or bike, so when I saw someone get on my late train home that I’d seen this morning. So I just found that odd. Probably regular train riders will scoff at this minor observation.

Like I said, random thoughts.

The highs, the lows, the soccer and the sleep

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While I’d love to give you a round up of the cliffhanging last minute of Australia and Italy, I can’t, I fell asleep at half-time! Shocking! Night time cold and flu tablets really knock you out. Oh well, I got the cliff’s notes from everyone and have it taped. Not that the first 93 minutes really mattered.

Now I don’t think I mentioned it earlier but I started a new job yesterday and while it’s only for a month or so and I’ve only been theree two days I am liking it. Even commuting isn’t so bad, I have things to do during the day. Yes, it’s a bit mind numbing checking data but it is varied so that’s cool. Also it’s a tech company and I’ve never worked in the private sector so that’s pretty good. Tonight one of the people in my group dranka beer while working – granted it was after 5 – but he was in the office and working. You’d never get away with that in the public sector. I’m definitely not looking down on this! Now check back on me in a week and see what creative ways I have to procrastinate once I get a hang of this and the work (as it inevitably does) dries up. Although 4 weeks (maybe 3) will go very quickly so more than likely I’ll be busy.

Wow! Who would have thought I’d be excited by work. OK not excited but engaged. Strange, very strange.

It was finally over…and then I got sick

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Quite a bit has happened since my last post. First, I completed my Liability exam last Wednesday. It went ok and I'm reasonably pleased but I guess there's no real way to know until after the results come out. Now that this is done I'm unofficially finished with my Masters. I had intended to go out for a big night but between fatigue and (a lot of that) and not trying finding any (ir)responsible adults to go out with mid-week I cam home and slept for about 12 hours! Although I did have a couple of drinks with my classmates post-exam and lunch with a smaller contingent, all in all pretty good. I hope I can stay in touch with them when they go back to study and I'm in the 'real' world. I suppose after going through the semester on junk food + winter rain and cold I was bound to get sick, however I think it's interesting that this happens after going back to 'healthy' foods and the poorly named "immune" fruit drinks. Bah! Not so immune. Nonetheless, despite feeling under the weather I stayed up to watch Australia get into the next stage after its game with Croatia and from there going to an interview for a temp job. Clearly, the excess sleep I got the earlier night helped me out. While I had been hoping to take this week off to catch up on things that was not to be and as a temp when you're offered a contract you really should take it if you don't know when you're next pay-check is coming. So as of today I have begun my new month-long contract with a tech company. It seems to be ok but I am definitely not used to getting up early and today was pretty bad as I'd been up most of the night coughing. Somehow, I don't think it would be appropriate to call in sick on your first day or the second (when that's the morning of an Australia game – suspicious). Over the weekend, while trying to stay warm I also went and watched some friends compete in a kendo tournament. It's very cool to watch, lots of yelling and fast movements. Obviously that's a simplified version of the sport.

Perhaps, the Cold and Flu tablets are to blame or me just being lazy as an excuse for this poorly formulated and structured entry.

 It's freestyling procrastination!

News…random news

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Well I've manged to finally start studying liability for my exam on Wednesday. That's not as bad as it sounds and I must be improving a bit because it's not on the night before! How did I celebrate those couple of hours of effort? By going into town and watching the World Cup of course! I watched Japan and Croatia draw and then the more important (to me) game of Australia and Brazil. I admit I'm not a sporty person at all but perhaps the euphoria of the world game plus the excitement (and peer pressure) of having your country involved helps to bridge the divide. I didn't get the chance to see Australia and Japan so missed out on the partying in the streets, though I did see similar scenes when Korea won last week. As Australia lost tonight all I saw was a stream of people heading towards their respective stations, perhaps the main festivities at Circular Quay were different. At any rate I'm now at home watching Korea and France while typing this and before getting some sleep. Speaking of, I don't know whether it's due to a relative lack of stress or what but I've been sleeping up to 11 hours a night! OK sleeping 5 then hitting snooze for 5 hours. How bizarre! Clearly, that won't work for an early morning exam so I shall try sleeping on my couch, which is too uncomfortable to get prolonged sleep and hopefully I'll wake up relatively early. A good start for exam readiness. Now for some randomness. On the way home I had two lovely encounters. The first was a somewhat seedy English guy with yellow teeth asking, verbatim, "where he can find some pussy, not to have just to look" very charming to make that distinction. Hope that doesn't offend. Sadly one of my former co-workers wasn't with me to give a block by block stripper map so the best I could do was suggest Kings Cross. Now at the end of my journey I'm almost certain that I interrupted a homeless woman mid bathroom break as she jumped over the fence as I was walking up the steps and sub sequently pretended to use the phone booth and upon reaching her corner was overcome by the odour. Fun times.

However, the biggest and best news of the night was finding out that after years of hoping 'The Comedy Channel' will be re-broadcasting 'The Daily Show' from 3 July! I was so happy I even did a little dance. No more will I be relegated to web clips and the atrocious 'Global Edition' for Jon Stewart and the team's snarky take on the news. So stoked!

Ok I know all of that is a bit odd. A tad stream of consciousness. Blame it on beer blogging at 5am.  

It’s done…almost.

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My last semester of university and Masters has almost come to an end. I've handed in all assignments and take-home exams with only one sit-down to go in a week. While I am nervous about results I think I'll do ok and though I'd been hoping for a Distinction average it'll most likely be Credit – nonetheless a good result given the amount of things due in one week. Or not, if you take the lack of organisation to complete everything ahead of schedule but that's no fun when you're a procrastinator.

Now for some other updates:

  • I went to see the World Press Photos Exhibit 2006 with a few people and sadly it was the last day so it was quite busy and having a good look at the pictures was difficult. The general consensus was that it was ok but not great. Personally, it didn't seem much different than last year and my biggest gripe from both is that these photos show a variety of emotions and situations however, in the war and chaos shots there are never any 'human goodness' pictures. Human spirit photos tend to be relatively generic, a ballerina or a child palying football. All of which are fine, if a tad repetitive, but I would like to see – even the cliched – person handing out medicine or treating injuries in a war zone or similar. Perhaps next year.
  • Went to see "Belle and Sebastian" at the Enmore with Rhiannon, you can see my thoughts on the "Music & Movies" tab. Rhiannon thanks for introducing me!
  • Went back to training after a month long absence and it was good. Even though I'm lacking in confidence at the moment everyone has been really helpful in teaching me.

You know, I thought I'd done more in the past month or so and even taking into consideration study, coffee, drinking and the occasional hangover that is pretty pathetic.

Up until my exam next week I will be studying my languages again and continuing with training and studying plus trying to find a job (probably temping in the short term) until I get word on the graduate job applications I sent in.

All in all things are looking up and as always will keep you posted.


The Second…still procrastinating

June 6, 2006 at 4:35 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

While I didn't forget this blog I am procrastinating. What am I procrastinating? As usual lately it's university – I guess that's what being a student is all about. Though I doubt most students (certainly not my peers in class) would leave all essays and take home exams till the night/morning it's due.

Like I am right now. I really don't have any excuse other than I just can't be bothered. I suppose it's laziness but then it might just be end of semester blues. Oh well.

This installment isn't meant as a whinge, more of a reminder and hopefully by getting into typing this I might feel like typing up this exam.

Back to it! Keep you posted.


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