Allan’s Patisserie Review

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I decided to check out the newly opened Allan’s Patisserie at London Bridge after a heads up from SE1. I could have easily given it a miss.

Granted we got there towards the end of the day so it may be understandable but we found the staff abrupt and very slow to take our order from us (despite being the only people there), I ordered a panino and got a sandwich instead (if they’d run out of panini it would have been nice to be told). In the end between a hair in the bread and less than stellar tomato it was just easier to stop eating (with less than half finished).

The volume of coffee and tea was appreciated. The quality of former was ok but I still needed to add sugar to the mocha while the tea retained its teabag at the bottom.

Meanwhile the decor for the top floor was quite nice with some reasonable chairs and couches to sit in and chat with friends. If only the food was better!

Borough Market

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Borough Market near London Bridge has a wide range of produce to peruse and drool over. Luckily free samples can help with the latter. Personally, I thought there would be more stalls but there are still a reasonable amount ranging fom breads to beers. Some of the fresh produce available includes fish and meats strung up and of course fruit and vegetables.

Borough Market (3) Borough Market

I bought an espresso beer and it was a little too harsh for my sweet tooth but there plenty of other options available at this specialty vendor. I also liked the look of the olive cart – plenty of options. Around the edge of the market you’ll also find a number of coffee shops to rest up after shopping and before further exploring the city.

Borough Market (4) Borough Market (5)

I’m not a big market person but it was still enjoyable to wander through and look at all of the goods on display.

Although it’s quite famous and perhaps I’m blind but I didn’t notice much signage at the station to point the way luckily Google Maps or a shockingly helpful person should assist you in getting there.

Southwark Cathedral

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Iconic Southwark Cathedral near London Bridge was interesting to wander through but not amazing. The architecture both in the interior and exterior is wonderful but perhaps suffering from temple fatigue I don’t think its particularly striking compared to other religious sites.

Southwark Cathedral (6) Southwark Cathedral (2)

You can take photos inside if you pay a fee and similarly there’s also an audio guide (in both cases I didn’t opt for it).

There are a number of display boards scattered throughout and they provide the usual content about the history of the building and its development over the centuries as well as notable events. Nothing for me stood out.

Southwark Cathedral (8) Southwark Cathedral (9)

They are expanding with a new information centre but this was under construction. I don’t believe it’s possible to climb the tower which is a shame as that would certainly boost the incentive to come and visit.

Nonetheless much like the Westminster Cathedral if you’re in the area and have a few minutes stop by and have a look but don’t go out of your way.

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