Night at the Museum – the Science Museum

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Wednesday night (24 September) was London’s Science Museum’s inaugural late night opening specifically for adults. All in all a great time made all the more pleasant by having some friends to share the experience.

The best part of the night was hands down the lack of children and massive crowds. It made navigation and enjoyment so much easier and less stressful. The museum put on several bars and a DJ. Remember t bring your I’d as the doorman/ bouncer will check. The computers exhibit featured a build a robot/robot wars activity. There were also Lindy Hoppers dancing up a storm. The crowd (and our) favourite was the hands on section. Normally dominated by children but for a few brief hours adults could play, laugh, learn and revel in the wonder of science.

Unfortunately I do have one criticism. Namely that the entire museum was not open. I’m not sure if this is the result of crowd control and security concerns but it seems to go against the concept of a late opening.

Overall, the crowd was very cool with a healthy mix of suits, geeks and the groovy hopefully brought together by science! I know I had a big grin when one of the ever present and helpful Explainers … explained the maglev concepts. If most people came away with a similar experience then it was a worthwhile night.

I probably won’t go back for a few months as I don’t want to kill the novelty but I’ll wait and see what they have planned for the night.

Other late night events around London can be found at

There are some less than stellar mobile photos at Flickr.

Newcastle – Centre for Life

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Newcastle’s Science Museum known as the Centre for Life covers a wide range of topics from evolution to climate change and space with a few special exhibits and events thrown in for good measure. While I was there they were focusing on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Most science museums offer the same content and will have a range of interactive displays to teach you these principles. Newcastle’s offering is no different. That’s not to say it isn’t fun because it is. It’s not to say it isn’t educational because again it is. However if science museums aren’t your thing then you may not get much out of it, or if the entry fee of £8 is too much try the free Discovery Museum.

It was an entertaining respite for a few hours and pretty informative too!

Located on the corner of Westmoorland Road and Marlborough Crescent.

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