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A few movies from the last few months:

Iron Man 3

Serviceable action movie that gives you the usual robot on villain action, with Stark’s egotistical quips. Nice to see Gwyneth Paltrow being more than just a damsel in distress as well. Decent end to the trilogy. Assuming it’s going to end after three.

Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s not deep and meaningful, it doesn’t make me question the Star Trek universe (or my own). It is a solid action movie though that provides all the requisite flash. I’m perfectly fine with a lack of substance (although one particularly gratuitous shot of an actress was pretty unnecessary).


The world building in this sci-fi movie is immersive but based on trailers going in, the impression I had was that this was going to be an action movie. There certainly are large action sequences but the bulk of the movie is more quiet and contemplative. As a result, while I enjoyed it my expectations were skewed so can’t say it was a great movie. Worth a watch though with that caveat.

Pacific Rim

If you’ve seen the trailer then be assured this movie pretty much does what it says on the tin. Plenty of giant robots versus monsters smashing each other and a whole lot of collateral up. The human dialogue is not that engaging but that’s not really the point for this sort of film. An excellent summer blockbuster that the big screen does justice to.

West End Live

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Thanks to a well placed sign at the Cartoon Museum I was reminded of the West End Live event going on at Leicester Square. For anyone not in the know the West End is where all of the theatres are located and is basically adjacent/around/in close proximity to Leicester Square. So of all the places to hold an event promoting the West End this seems equally wildly unnecessary and perfectly placed for the fan/tourist.

As it was free I was for it.

Basically, within the square there were a range of stalls either promoting businesses, movies (e.g Kung Fu Panda) or Art Galleries or alternatively being kind of kitschy, like playing dress up and pretending you’re attending a premiere or taking your photo with Batman and other impersonators (Batman was considerably shorter than Indy – is that right?). On the outer ring of the square were a range of famous movie cars to take photos with like the Flintstones and the 60s Batmobile. Finally, the main stage had various performances like the musicians from the Globe.

The bulk of these stalls were definitely geared towards children but apparently the organisers think children only want to colour and draw. Strangely, Jet Li’s movie The Forbidden Kingdom had a stall, no the fact that it had a stall wasn’t the odd thing. Rather the activity there seemed to be showing and/or teaching martial arts and/or stunt fighting and there was only one boy participating – not even any spectators. Clearly today’s children aren’t fans of violence! Video games must be having the wrong effect, well that or today’s children are not enthused by physical activity.

On my way out I grabbed a swag bag which consisted of a random collection of items, honestly I have no idea what this is meant to say about the movie/theatre tourist:

  • Wilkinson Plus catalogue – because you need somewhere comfy to sit at home when watching DVDs
  • 1x Sammy Dodger snack bar, 1x Maryland munch bar and 1x salt and pepper Crips (yes crips) – at least they know snacks are important
  • Kiwi brand foot silk and 4x Comfort Concentrate – clearly you stink! Thanks for coming to West End Live!

Overall West End Live was a nice, quick and free diversion and fortunately it wasn’t too crowded. Next year if it’s back you can easily do a loop or time it for when a performance you like comes on. If you have children this will probably be a fun activity but marshaling them around may be a bit tiring.

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