Now not so much in time.

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The priority tickets for Ben Folds second (and last) concert in Sydney have already sold out and now I’ll have to wait for 7 July for the General Public Bookings. The speed that these tickets got snatched up suprised me as I’d seen availability on Sunday night, planning to purchase today (Monday) but got so busy it slipped my mind. Hopefully, I’ll get tickets later in the week.

In other time news, my much hyped start of Daily Show re-broadcasts in Australia was a bit of a let down as it was one from early last week and I’d seen those clips on the official site. Hopefully, they’ll sync up soon. 

Just in time!

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In keeping with my new plan to do something different every week I went to both the Art Gallery and a new cafe. However, in keeping with my procrastinator’s ethos I did it Sunday afternoon.

I’ve included a general review under the Travel and Food & Drink tabs but here are some other thoughts about my afternoon at the Gallery.

– You’ll see either on Travel or at Flickr that I only took photos of the building. I always assumed that it would be wrong to take photos in an art gallery. How wrong I was, lots of people were snapping away at the frames. I still didn’t take photos though, it just felt odd to do so.

-I was truly impressed by the amount and variety. This is probably as a result of my experiences with the limited scope of the QLD Art Gallery. The intricate nature of the European 15th Century etchings and drawings, expansive landscapes, indescribable abstract, Asian calligraphy, traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and modern Australian visions provided, at times, an overwhelming array of options and methods.

-I both wish there were more and less descriptors on the pictures. The only reason I wish there were fewer is because after a while you get tired. In some instances where information would have been very beneficial for me would be the modern and Aboriginal art both of which I have very limited knowledge of and and having some explanation would have been useful.

-The Gallery also had a special exhibit on Zen art. It was quite interesting but I didn’t get as much out of it as I would have hoped. Though the occasional half-heard comment by other patrons discussing the brushstrokes was illuminating.

-After leaving the building and bypassing the tourist buses I noticed an American flag across the way and what did this represent? An impromptu speaker’s corner railing against capitalistic power and presumably American influence. Honestly, I stopped paying attention pretty early on.

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