Play: Sex with a Stranger

July 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Theatre | 1 Comment
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Are you a fan of Being Human (UK)? Then you may have been at Trafalgar Studios last year to see Russell Tovey perform in Sex with a Stranger. It’s not that tawdry really, it basically tells the sorry of two people and their one night stand but jumping around in little scenelets around the lives of the two characters to show how this ended up happening. Was it any good? It was fine but nothing to rave about. As a small performance space I wasn’t expecting anything massive and for me the close space with the actors was novel. It was for one of the other patrons too, whose audible gap when Tovey took off his shirt was heard across the theatre. It says something when that inadvertent audience participation is more memorable a year later than the play. Might have something to do with an extended sequence of someone ironing a shirt.

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