Theatre: Noises Off

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Went to the Old Vic and watched Noises Off and it was a great farce set behind the scenes over the run of a theatre show. How very meta. The first act was funny but not necessarily consistent. However the second act had set all the pieces in motion so the physical comedy and jokes could run thick and fast. Thus ending on a very strong note and allowing the audience to leave with a grin on their faces (and mine).

Theatre: The Ladykillers

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Went and saw The Ladykillers after getting some reduced tickets from Tkts in Leicester Square. The theatre wasn’t packed which was a shame as the play is a fun black comedy of a doddering widower who gets inadvertently involved in a criminal gang’s heist and the subsequent deaths as the gang turns on each other. Not constantly laugh out loud but certainly a pleasant evening out.

All new people

December 27, 2013 at 5:16 pm | Posted in London, Theatre | 1 Comment
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Went and saw Zach Braff’s play “All new people” a (few) years ago. Memory is a bit fuzzy so obviously take this quick review with a grain of salt.

To be honest I found it all a bit tiring. The story of someone who wants to commit suicide and the effect that some random interlopers have on that decision. Combining this with the interplay between the characters revealing all their own secrets and issues felt a bit predictable and didn’t seem to connect into a seamless whole.

It felt like the actors were trying though and maybe if you got a cheap ticket but in the hypothetical world where this was still playing I wouldn’t recommend it. Sorry. I wanted to like you!

Book of Mormon

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Book of Mormon is a musical from the creators of South Park. It’s very funny and appropriately touching too. It’s the story of a Mormon fresh out of missionary school going to Africa to spread the word of god, with predictably mad cap results. Having watched a lot of SP I expected it to be very crass but it’s been tamed down a bit for the Broadway/West End theatre goer. Having said that it is definitely not for children.

If you can go do try to. However the price point you’re comfortable will be up to you. Apparently some tickets are now in the hundreds of pounds and if I paid that I’d feel like I’d not got my money’s worth. Though that’s my price point and I’d not pay that for any event. Each to their own and all that.

Play: Big and Small

July 20, 2013 at 7:03 pm | Posted in General, London, Theatre, UK | 1 Comment
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Last year at the Barbican, Cate Blanchett performed in the Sydney Theatre Company’s “Big and Small“.

Much of the time spent is with the audience and a solo Blanchett, occasionally other actors break up the monologues. The story follows Lotte (Blanchett) as she seeks out true relationships with those around her.

Personally I didn’t find the character of Lotte as redeeming as perhaps I should, nor was the overall play something that would be work in less skilled hands. However Cate Blanchett’s skill and presence on stage is so strong that you easily get caught up in the experience and it was a joy to watch her be Lotte and perform. I have to wonder if it had it been another actress I don’t think Big and Small would have been as successful.

Definitely worth seeing or trying to watch Blanchett in her next performance.

Play: In Basildon

July 20, 2013 at 3:56 pm | Posted in General, London, Theatre | 1 Comment
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Over a year ago I watched the play, In Basildon, at the cosy in the round style Royal Court Theatre. Having some Essex heritage it seemed like an appropriate piece of theatre to go and see. Having a few drinks beforehand/throughout did help to pass the time. Was it dramatic? Pretty much yes. Did it feel like it was playing to condescending stereotypes? A little bit yes but not massively. The play is basically the story of a family coming together as the patriarch lies dying. The standard family issues dramas then unfold, it’s done reasonably well and rather depressingly no one is that pure so I found I couldn’t root for anyone in particular. Perhaps not having a cheery ending was my biggest bugbear? I guess that day I needed more Disney than drama. Overall it was decent but not a must see.

Play: Sex with a Stranger

July 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Theatre | 1 Comment
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Are you a fan of Being Human (UK)? Then you may have been at Trafalgar Studios last year to see Russell Tovey perform in Sex with a Stranger. It’s not that tawdry really, it basically tells the sorry of two people and their one night stand but jumping around in little scenelets around the lives of the two characters to show how this ended up happening. Was it any good? It was fine but nothing to rave about. As a small performance space I wasn’t expecting anything massive and for me the close space with the actors was novel. It was for one of the other patrons too, whose audible gap when Tovey took off his shirt was heard across the theatre. It says something when that inadvertent audience participation is more memorable a year later than the play. Might have something to do with an extended sequence of someone ironing a shirt.

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