Charles Dickens Museum

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I recently paid a visit to the Charles Dickens Museum and it was here that a rather unfortunate truth became apparent: I am not a reader nor am I ever likely to be able to discuss the works of Dickens or any other great writer. For this I do apologise to you and to me, it is one of those self-improvement tasks that will likely percolate without ever truly boiling.

So with that said this is my caveat about the museum. I am unfamiliar with Dickens in all but the Christmas Carol and Doctor Who of senses thus I cannot discuss with conviction the content of the museum.

However, I did go with more knowledgeable people and they seemed particularly interested in the various pieces of paper and information boards relating to his life and the development of various stories.

So assuming for the time being that the content will hold a literature fan’s interests let’s now look at the presentation.

The house has 4 level (including a basement) and a small garden. The basement is where you can watch a video that provides a bit of an overview of Dickens, his work and the house he lived in where the museum is now housed. While a touch long it does provide enough context to view the rest of the displays.

The remainder of the house looks at Dickens’ London, items he used, drafts of stories and information on the man and his life. After watching the movie some of this is repetitive.

Information was easily accessible and clear but alas much of its importance was lost on this dullard.

It must be clear by now that the museum will be of most benefit to fans of Dickens and literature of the period. Given it’s the Charles Dickens Museum that’s hardly a revelation. For what it is and it’s target demographic the museum does a good job. For the rest of us though you could give it a miss.

The Charles Dickens Museum costs £6 and takes about an hour or so to look around (including a 30 min video).

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