Sherlock Holmes Museum

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The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street is only for the aficionado all others would do well to steer clear. I’ll preface this review by saying I’ve never read Sherlock Holmes so that may colour my impressions.

Sherlock Holmes Museum (2)

The museum is spread out over several floors with each room set up as a different room in Holmes’ home with signs identifying who lived in each one. The top floor features some mannequins showing some scenes from the books.

Meanwhile on the first floor landing you may encounter “Dr Watson”. The actor engages visitors with chatter and attempts to be friendly. Personally I found it grating especially after he asked to see my ticket (something he didn’t ask of others). I realise I’m currently an unemployed lout but it was very off putting.

Sherlock Holmes Museum Sherlock Holmes Museum (23)

Each room has bric a brac that presumably would be recognisable to a smart Sherlock but my lack of knowledge of the literature and the limited information sheets meant that I had wandered the entire museum in under 20 minutes. At a cost of £6 this was most definitely not worth it.

Sherlock Holmes Museum (21) Sherlock Holmes Museum (5)

If you have a familiarity with the books you might want to have a look but there are plenty of better things to do in London.

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