Chinese Garden of Friendship

December 3, 2006 at 12:04 pm | Posted in General, Out and About, Sydney, Travel | Leave a comment

I recently visited the Chinese Garden of Friendship situated at the edge of the Darling Harbour Precinct and close to Chinatown. Overall it was a very relaxing and even calming experience, with relatively few people – except for the wedding that had just finished! For a very small entry cost you may wander about the different scenes within the garden, whether that be bamboo, lake, waterfalls or mountain-style escapes topped with a pagoda.

I particularly liked that each section has a succinct explanation, including any feng shui or cultural areas of significance. With the exception of the number of people and the age of the installations it felt very reminiscent of similar gardens I’d been to in China. Mind you, not exact but pretty close. My only concern was the gimmick/ money-maker to rent imperial Chinese style clothes to wander about the ‘authentic’ garden and take pictures. Just like in olden times!

If you’d like to see a small slice of nature in the city then by all means come to the Chinese Gardens. 


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