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Tezuka, Archibald and Artexpress at the NSW Art Gallery. The Gallery is featuring a number of exhibits, all of which are of high quality, there should certainly be something that will appeal to you. More here.

Mardi Gras. The 2007 Mardi Gras was a lot of fun and a definite improvement over a few years ago. More here.

The Rocks Discovery Museum. A huge plus is that the museum is free, so take the opportunity to come in and check it out and spend a few minutes or longer depending on your tastes. More here.

Sydney Opera House. the tour is reasonably priced and quite informative, particularly when the guide uses anecdotes. More here.

Sydney Aquarium.  A bit expensive and a bit tiring but overall interesting and informative. A good chance to see marine life when you won’t have the opportunity to view in real life. More here.

Redleaf Pool. Hidden away in Double Bay this enclosed pool on the shores of the Bay is nice retreat without having to travel all the way to one of the major beaches. More here.

QLD Gallery of Modern Art. QLD’s new gallery of art is well planned, with a range of exhibits and substantially better than its NSW counterpart. More here.

The Australian Museum. There are relatively few exhibits albeit spread out over a sizeable area. If you can get a discount ticket it might be worthwhile but you can give it a miss. More here.

Powerhouse Museum: Great Wall Exhibit. For those interested in China and the Wall is quite interesting and engaging – however you should only go if you’ve time to see the museum as well because the ticket price for just this exhibit is a bit excessive. More is here

Chinese Garden of Friendship. A relaxing and easy place to chill out for an hour or so for only a limited cost There’s more here.

Bondi to Bronte walk & Sculptures by the Sea – (18 November 2006). A pleasant, quick and easy walk from Bondi to Bronte beaches and depending on the time of year you may also encounter weird and wonderful art at Sculptures by the Sea. Read more.

The Hyde Park Barracks – (11 November 2006). Unless you’re swayed by the free introductory room or you’ve got nothing better to do and want to spend $10 give the museum a miss. You may wander around the outside though. See more here.

The Australian Maritime Museum – (5 November 2006). Definitely not for everyone and while the enthusiast will get the most out of it there will be undoubtedly be something here you can relate to and if not pay some money and perhaps exploring the docked ships will be more fun. Read more.

Elizabeth Bay House– (29 October 2006). A colonial house in …Elizabeth Bay House. It is well decorated and detailed with views over the bay. Sadly, modern Sydney is crowded around it, although this provides a stark contrast between the styles. While not necessarily a must if you are going to be in the area it is worth it to stop by and look through. Read more.

Object (14 October 2006). A gallery in Surry Hills that’s pretty easy to wander around in with some interesting exhibits, although that will really depend on what’s on at the time. When I visited there were 2 Japanese themed productions as well as the Bombay Saphhire awards. Check out the full review.

Animania Festival – (30 September – 1 October 2006). Annual event at Sydney Town Hall that celebrates anime, manga and all related fan culture. It was a lot of fun to hang out and see bits and pieces from around the festival. Check out the review here.  

The Spanish Festival– (3 September 2006). Annual event in Sydney’s Spanish district between Kent and Leichardt Streets. A good opportunity to try some good Spanish food, drink and cultural performances. Pictures and full round up here.

The Museum of Sydney– (27 August 2006). I thought that this museum was OK but that’s about it. You can do so much better than the MoS and the MoS can itself do so much better at providing informative displays. I’m not a fan of this place.

The Sydney Jewish Museum – (20 August 2006). Explores Jewish life in Australia and also in Europe during the Holocaust. A depressing and inspiring exhibition that should be viewed. The full review is here.

The National Museum of Australia – (12 August 2006). Canberra. A fun, interactive experience at this new venue in the nation’s capital. Well worth the visit. The full article is here. There are plenty of photos and also on Flickr. No real downside other than the layout. You could easily spend 2 or 3 hours or, like me, whip around in an hour.  

The Mint – (7 August 2006). In short, don’t bother. The Mint is not an active tourist site. It is used predominantly as the offices of the Historic Houses Trust. Which explains why it is only open 9-5 Mon-Fri. There is a small section (and I mean tiny) with a few display cases but other than that you may want to try the Mint Cafe or content yourself by looking at the architecture as you go/come from more interesting places. You may be lucky that there is an exhibit on but seriously it is a big miss. I am annoyed that the Historic Houses site doesn’t more explicitly state that it is largely a commercial location and not a museum per se – unless I missed it. Possible, but it’s easier to complain, right? No photos for such a lame-duck event.

The Justice and Crime Museum – (30 July 2006) I would have never thought that this could be so entertaining and informative and yet this hidden gem came through for a relaxing hour or more if you sit and watch all of the videos. Only downside is that you have to pay and it is only open on the weekend. The whole post is here. Below is a photo of the entrance (poor quality).

J&C Museum

Don’t be put off by the “criminal” in the window.

The Aroma Coffee Festival – (23 July 2006) A great day out for coffee lovers. If you can make it, do so, but be prepared for crowds. Thankfully, there are many stalls with less people and that doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Check out the photos below (including Lunar Park) and the post here.

Coffee Festival

Coffee Festival at the Rocks facing the MCA. I wonder what the child in the pram wants?

At the Rocks to the Bridge

In the Rocks, towards the Bridge.

End of the Festival

End of the Festival – See you next year!

The Rocks, Quay, Bridge and Luna Park

Bridge, Quay, The Rocks and Luna Park – apologies for the quality

Luna Park

Luna Park

The Powerhouse Museum – (15 July 2006) Despite having to pay the Museum is a good experience if you’re in the mood for a wander through a museum. It has a scientific focus but there are an array of other interesting exhibits and you’ll need to set aside more than a few hours to see it all. Full post here. Sadly no pictures of this one.

Museum of Contemporary Art – (09 July 2006) Run away! Only go if you know/ care about contemporary art or perhaps, if you have 10 minutes free while waiting for your ferry. Post is here. I don’t think these photos are very good but I suppose that’s in keeping with the place. Perhaps I can say they’re “contemporary art”?

Not a good picture - like the MCA

Not a good photo - like the MCA

NSW Art Gallery– (02 July 2006) A good few hours of exploration and contemplation. I didn’t expect the quantity or quality of artwork that I found nor its diversity from Aboriginal to contemporary Australian and modern to European and Asian pieces. I found the assortment and intensity of art beneficial, being able to see the evolution and different viewpoints of the art was fascinating. Furthermore, the inclusion of descriptions and explanations for many pieces was very helpful for an artistic dullard such as myself. Overall, a pleasant way to spend a few hours the only downside being that by the end I was a bit over it and tired. I am also a bit curious why the building’s facade appears incomplete with a number of friezes missing although the building and its surrounds in the gardens is well placed. The blog entry is here.

 NSW Art Gallery

The front of the gallery.

NSW Gallery - Left

Gallery Left

NSW Gallery - right

Gallery Right

Statue Right

Statue – Right

Gallery to Domain

Gallery to Domain

More at Flickr!

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