Seriously? Safety matters.

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CNet’s Gadgettes podcast recently linked to the dumbest safety / PR initiative in a while with the introduction of padded street lamps in Brick Lane to protect the humble pedestrian who may be distractedly texting.

The Gadgettes links ultimately lead to Engadget and a YouTube video with a story on the push by the charity “Living Streets” and 118 to protect the hapless.

Neither Gadgettes nor the other websites have made much of the involvement of 118, although the whole padding the world effort could end up being nothing more than a publicity stunt for 118 and or the creation of new advertsing revenue. Although in their defence none of the mattresses strapped to light posts in the ad seem to have any logos emblazoned on them.

I wonder if the charity is all part of a viral marketing campaign? If not please get some better padding as it looks like glorified bed mattresses, perhaps goal post pads would look better?

Lastly (as this has received way too much attention) but I hope they are weather and “other” proofed given their location near many, many bars, potentially drunken people and as this is London, knives.

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