The London Eye

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The London Eye is clearly one of London’s most obvious and premier attractions. It offers panoramic views over the city and that’s about it. The question to ask yourself is whether the cost of the “flight” (£15.50) and possible queues is worth it. In the latter’s case I went during the week and on a less than beautiful day so I basically walked up, bought my ticket and then straight onto the capsule. Pretty easy.

London Eye (2)

When I bought my ticket I paid extra to get a reduced price on a Madame Tussaud’s entry – more on that later. While it was good to cross the Eye off my list at the end of the day there are several other sites around London you can visit to get similar views as well as a cultural experience, such as St Paul’s or Monument. However, if you have limited time in the city then a trip on the Eye might be advisable to get a quick overview of the city.

London Eye (30) London Eye (33)

My other criticism is that there’s no audio track or displays within the cabin and so the tourist is left to their own devices.

London Eye (25) London Eye (59)

The Eye is fine and not excessively expensive but there are other options for seeing the city that might offer more than a glass bubble experience.

London Eye (5)

Call Disney's lawyers!

More photos at Flickr!

Westminster Cathedral

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Near Victoria station on the way to Westminster Abbey you’ll find a plaza with Westminster Cathedral. The home of the Catholic church in the city of Westminster.

Westminster Cathedral (4) Westminster Cathedral (5)

The Cathedral is still a work in progress and they continue to raise funds for completing the interior. In that sense it’s quite interesting to see the bare brick ceilings rather than the usual plaster seen in most other cathedrals and churches. Around the edge you’ll see a number of small chapels some of the artwork is interesting but not spectacular. Given the age of the structure this is to be expected.

One of the valuable parts of the cathedral is the opportunity to go to the top of the tower and take photos of the surrounds. There is a cost for this (approx £5) and it’s probably not best on an overcast day but it is still worthwhile to look out over part of the city. It is cheaper than the London Eye but you won’t see everything unlike with the Eye.

Westminster Cathedral (22) Westminster Cathedral (27)

Overall, if you’re in the area then you could stop by and have a look. It’s not a must by any stretch (although the exterior is nice) but if you’re in London when the sky is clear and blue you might want to check out the tower.

Westminster Cathedral (11) Westminster Cathedral (9)

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