Game: Skyrim

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Skyrim, one of the biggest games for years had been out for a while now. I put many, many hours into it and my character mastered many exciting skills and led all the most important institutions. The ending did feel pretty anti-climactic but otherwise it was an immersive experience. The more interesting question though is, I enjoyed the game but why didn’t I extend the experience with additional DLC when it came out? From all reports they are very good. Possibly the gap between the game and expansion was just long enough for me to move on with another game (although that didn’t stop me with mass effect). Another thought is that by the end the bugs in the game had soured the experience just enough. Don’t get me wrong any game that has hundreds of hours of gameplay is bound to have glitches but post ending these stuck in my head. I guess clearing most things and then doing the ending wasn’t a great timeline. Maybe it was a combination of the two, or potentially I was just poor when the first one came out! Would definitely recommend plating the game though.

Dead Space 2

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It’s been forever since I’ve reviewed a video game (have I ever?) and Dead Space 2 seems like the perfect game for such a post. It is all about death and rebirth after all, well that and dismembering killer creatures.

If you’ve not played the first here’s a two sentence synopsis. In the future a human colony discovers an artifact which causes the colonists and a helpful spaceship crew to turn into savage creatures. You, as Isaac, are sent to help the ship and soon get caught up in the chaos.

An even shorter version. Shoot stuff til they die and the game ends.

If you liked the first game you’ll enjoy the sequel. While it is largely similar in mechanics that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is still satisfying to successfully fend off a wave of bad guys. Best of all there isn’t a stupid asteroid game.

Narrative wise, it’s fine. I’m not expecting anything of quality and the at times heavy handed flourishes (eg text smeared on walls) do help me to understood this world more while simultaneously rolling my eyes right out of it again.

People call this a horror game. I don’t know if I can agree. I’ve never played Silent Hill, which seems to be the benchmark for the genre, but for me this is just a shooter. A shooter that startles a lot but that’s it. I had the same reaction to the first game too but have spoken with others who in both games did get scared.

Based on that if you’re looking for a shooter that’s more than head shots or a (possible) horror game then Dead Space may be what you’re looking for. Assuming you’re old enough to buy it that is (18+ in the UK).

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