Food/Drink – Australia

Cafe Hernandez The quality of this cafe has fallen considerably. Avoid it. More here.

Bondi Social Expensive for the amount of food you get but the views over Bondi Beach can’t be beat. More here.  

Le Petit Creme – French cafe in Darlinghurst, serving amongst many things, omelettes and bowls of coffee. More here.   

Lindt– Great chocolate, tasty mochas and for the city store and impressive atmosphere (for a coffee shop at least). More here.

Zia Pina  Great pizza, great atmosphere and pretty good location. More here.

Max Brenner (Double Bay) – Terrible service. If you have to drink at Max Brenner go to another store! More here.

Organic Produce and Giotta Art Cafe – (11 November 2006). Organic Produce located near The Lounge on Crown Street was fairly uneventful, I’d even say bland but if you like organic produce you may enjoy this place. Meanwhile Giotta on Stanley Street was pleasant and a step above Organics, not fantastic but nice. I will return but not on a regular rotation. More on Giotta

Roy’s Famous –  (5 November 2006).  A decent eatery in Kings Cross/ Potts Point. It’s good enough for a cruisy day to just sit and do nothing much – just expect to be asked “if you’re done” or “want more” a lot. If you want to know more, read this.

La Buvette – (29 October 2006). A regular haunt of mine in Potts Point. It is great, with minimal space the staff have maximised a range of dishes that taste excellent. Check out more.

Night Noodle Market – Check out the reviews as the markets continue. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and The Final.

TropicanaCafe – (7 September 2006). One of the most well known eateries in Sydney. Famous for originating the Tropfest Film Festival. For this reason I think I was expecting something…more. The food was decent and filling but for a newbie the process was a little confusing and with a line of disgruntled people behind me and the other new people in front it was all a bit too unclear. That aside the staff were helpful and explained the menu. The interior is clean and crisp but somehow I think that ultimately the cafe is lacking in soul. While people can come in and have a great meal the ambience is just too cold for my liking. Yes it’s an institution but not necessarily one you need to visit any time soon.

Sel et Poivre – Restaurant – (6 September 2006). The mealwas delicious. I had a beef casserole that cut like butter. The service was good but a bit on the condescending/arrogant French side. Though the French accented girls were nonetheless helpful. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the overall quality. I would come back to Sel et Poivre.

Victoria Room Bar/Restaurant – High Tea – (3 September 2006). High quality, well served and very tasty food. Food consisted of cakes, scones and sandwiches with various teas, herbal teas as well as coffee and alcohol to drink. While the food tray appears a little lacking it ends up to be filling. High Tea is only on Sundays and a booking is advisable. Read more here.  

Continental Patisserie – Cafe/Bakery – (26 August 2006). A French bakery I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time located next to Una’s on Darlinghurst Road. Though in keeping with the contrasts of Darlinghurst is opposite the legal aid centre. Quite pleasant and the staff have accents! I had an apple strudel that was tasty and a mocha which was nice, although a little milky. There were an array of other cakes and treats in the counter that I’m sure you’d like.

Sky Phoenix Restaurant – (25 August 2006). We had a birthday yum cha for one of the staff members. As the name suggest Sky Phoenix is at the top of Skygarden shopping centre. Sky Phoenix’s yum cha was delicious and the staff were relatively helpful, given the harried nature of a yum cha waiter/waitresses life. The food was much better than at my previous yum cha hangout, Zilver, when I worked in Haymarket. Lastly, the prices were reasonable given that the five of us spent less than $100. Granted this was my first outing with my coworkers so I may have eaten more but it is still decent. Bookings for lunch are advised.

Deck Bar – Bar – (20 August 2006). For starters I can’t find a link, secondly this bar is located near Taylor Square on Oxford Street and is easily spotted by its outdoor deck – hence Deck bar. Sadly I went on an afternoon so the full night life experience is lacking in this report. Even so the relaxing atmosphere of the interior and exterior bar are clearly obvious and denote quite a chill venue. Unfortunately sitting outside on a windy day is the wrong sort of chill. Although, the people watching does tend to outweigh this. Give it a try, my sense is at the end of the day is that it is just another club/bar/eatery but with a pretty good location. Granted that’s a complaint of most places. I may have to go back and actually try it at night. Will let you know.

Canberra Mini Guide– Pubs, Clubs and Eateries – (11-13 August 2006). Check out the link for my mini guide on places in Canberra. Luckily there seem to be 1 coffee shop per head of population so at least there’ll be no shortage of caffeine or venues to try if I go back.

Tigerbakers – Cafe – (7 August 2006) Situated opposite the Tropicana Caffe on Victoria Street near Kings Cross, this is a very funky cafe with decent coffee and food. More importantly it has a cool atmosphere blending outdoor and indoor seating – including a lower section with comfy couches to chill out on. Tigerbakers has some interesting artwork on the walls and ceiling that combined with a Marilyn Monroe Drive sign above the counter should be garish but strangely work in this environment. The only downside is that it does not have accessible hours for most people as it closes at 4 PM. If you can stop by and relax at Tigerbakers.

Gloria Jeans (Oxford Street) – Cafe – I wanted to give this Gloria Jeans an honourable mention. Despite what you may think about the quality of the coffee or the controversies about Hillsong this cafe is welcoming and I never feel any pressure to leave despite reading for hours and only spending a few dollars. Plus checkers and chess most weekday nights and open late over the weekend.

The Australian Bar – (30 July 2006) we had a pizza here in the warm afternoon light in the outside seating area. We ate a delicious (half/half) kangaroo – four cheeses. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten kangaroo before and it was good and you get quite a lot on the slice. I’ll have to come back to try the other Australian animal pizzas and the duck which is supposed to be excellent. After exploring the Rocks a side trip to the Australian is recommended, particularly on a day when all you want to do is sit outside and watch the world (and occasional crazy homeless) go by.

Una’s Restaurant– Restaurant – (25 July 2006) This is a must and with several restaurants around town there should be one near-ish. I’d been meaning to come to the Darlinghurst one for so long, it’s always busy and that’s usually a great sign. Myself and a few other people came here for dinner and while we waited for the entire group we drank upstairs. You have to all be there before you can get seated but by enjoying a beer you can forget your troubles. I asked my friends what the specialty was and the answer: schnitzels! I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel, veal with mushroom sauce and Rosti. It was delicious, I’d seen some negative reviews of Una’s food but I have no complaints. The servings were all plentiful and as much as I wanted dessert there was just no way. A great night out with friends in the inner city.

Green Park Hotel – Bar – (25 July 2006) What do you do after a hearty meal at Una’s on a Tuesday night? Answer – Go down the street to the Green Park Hotel for a few drinks and hang out even more with friends. Granted I probably didn’t have the full experience on a weeknight but it was very relaxing, the atmosphere friendly and the staff capable. Really what more could you ask for? What you want pool tables, outside seating, food service and a mixed crowd? Then you’ve got it here and more. Although maybe I’m seeing this through alcohol coloured glasses.

The Grumpy Baker– Cafe – (23 July 2006) Another good quality cafe on Oxford Street. Where you can normally get a good coffee and bakery goods. The only draw backs are that the not all the baristas make the same standard. Although luckily my mocha’s lately have been coated in chocolate. Nice! Sweet too, no need for extra sugar. Also if you’re not a fan of random odd people then the open air nature of the Baker may be a downside however this is outweighed by the people watching potential. 

Battuta– Cafe – (15 July 2006) A definite must if only for the excellent staff. They were very friendly, the chef came out and asked me about my meal, while Tutti (see website) chatted with me later at the register. Also the wait staff was very friendly and polite too! I had, of course, a mocha. It was good, no complaints there, and then a Tempura Fish and Chips with Salad for dinner. Very tasty! Battuta is located next to Red Lounge and Battuta is the clear winner. With its location on Oxford Street it also offers access to a wide variety of night spots and people watching. Try it and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the result.

Red Lounge Cafe – Cafe – (8 July 2006) I tried to find a link for it but the best I could find was the White Pages. It’s located next to Stonewall on Oxford Street. I didn’t eat anything but had my standard mocha. If a place makes a good mocha I’ll come back. The Red Lounge does not. However, there’s variety and people watching especially on weekend nights. One of these days I’ll be hungry when walking past, stop by and update the review accordingly.

Badde Manors– Cafe – (2 July 2006) Often very busy and with such a comfy atmosphere it is understandable why. Met Rhiannon and had a good chat. I had my standard mocha which was pretty good. Ate nachos, which probably aren’t the standard fare for the cafe but I had a hankering that needed to be met. They were ok. Afterwards had a hot sticky date pudding which was very good.  Rhiannon suggested the triple chocolate brownie but I’ll have to give that a try next time. If you’re ever in Glebe give Badde Manors a try! Update: have been back and eaten the brownie, it tasted great with a nice texture. Never been a big fan of brownies but these were well beyond my expectations.

The Lounge – Bar – (all the time!) Like its name suggests this bar is filled with many, many lounges for people to well, lounge on. While it often gets crowded on the weekend it’s still a good place to meet friends and chat. Open from the afternoon and into the evening it’s a fun place to eat, drink and spend a little or a lot of time before heading home or moving onto other clubs.

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