Japan Photolog – Ueno

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Some of my photos from Ueno. More can be found at Flickr.  

Night in Ueno.
Ueno (6)

Maze of streets, food shops and pachinko parlours.
Ueno (1)

Lake in the middle of Ueno park.
Ueno Park 4

Towards a shrine in Ueno Park.
Ueno Park 10

Founder of Japan’s Red Cross.
Ueno Park 7

Cats are everywhere, I’m not sure whether it’s natural or if they’re fed by the homeless.
Ueno Park 6

Tokyo National Museum, bleh!
Ueno Park 20

Cemetary North of Ueno.
Ueno 8

These graves have a modern and austere compared to the more traditional styles.
Ueno 7

I like the broom leaning up against the grave.
Ueno 9

It’s a little difficult to see but on the other side of this road are a few small statues. I wonder if they are ancient shrines or a Japanese variant on the cross on the road when a person has died in an accident.
Ueno 13

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