Sky Player Rant

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Sky is currently advertising the benefits of its Sky Player, a downloadable piece of software that allows you to watch Sky programming without having a connection at home (with a small payment).

I wanted to be a good net citizen so rather than using alternate arrangements to watch a particular show I chose to go through all the steps and hoops in order to access the player. They were advertising the show on the main page so everything should be fine, right?

Not really, Sky Player is almost a front for a phishing scam. To download the player you have to provide a date of birth and place of birth. Then to access the payment system you have to answer the mandatory question of stating your mother’s maiden name.

While concerned about the ultimate fate of my data I provided this information because I wanted to do the right thing. I completed the steps and put some money onto my account. I clicked onto my preferred show only to be told that this program is restricted to Sky subscribers and specifically those with a particular Sky bolt-on package.

I rang them up and was told licensing restrictions meant some shows can only be streamed to certain Sky subscribers. As an aside if you do successfully pay for a program it will be streamed once; you can pay more for additional rental periods. You have to wonder what happens if there is a problem during the streaming.

I can appreciate that there will always be licensing issues but Sky should not be offering a service – promoting that you don’t need to be a subscriber – let alone a specific package if you can’t follow through. At the very least don’t prominently display shows with specific subscription requirements.

I’ve now deleted the player and I tried to cancel the account but there is no delete account function in the profile settings section.

In the end my efforts fell flat and Sky has more details about me than they really should. It’s a good thing that they’re a benevolent corporation right? Then again data security at Sky and it’s parent company can’t be any worse than the British government.  

I wonder if Hulu in the US is as bad?

The blogosphere is too fast for me

February 22, 2007 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Pop-cult, Procrastination, Random, Television, TV | 2 Comments

The Tropfest short film festival was held on Sunday and the winner announced as Steve Baker’s “Imaginary Life” a story of an abandoned imaginary friend. After hearing this and seeing a few brief clips my immediate thought was that this sounded very similar to “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.”

Sadly, before I could make some sort of witty comment (3 days after first thinking about it) the blogosphere and media were on the case resulting in an investigation into possible infringements.

I guess that teaches me to procrastinate these things!

Comedy Channel, what’s the big deal?

February 21, 2007 at 1:35 pm | Posted in Random, Television, television ads | 4 Comments

Apparently, the Comedy Channel has moved to Melbourne. If you have Foxtel you’ve probably seen the promotions ad nauseum. I realise that getting the opportunity to move out of Ryde in Sydney to Melbourne, home of Australia’s most well known comedy festival is probably a good thing. A quick check of their schedule and website clearly shows the preponderance of non-Australian content and other than “Stand up Australia” where they have a live audience and perhaps the occasional special (particularly over the festival) does it really matter where they are headquartered or a need for a massive campaign?

Fair go sport…?

October 17, 2006 at 12:30 am | Posted in General, Television, television ads | Leave a comment

It looks like Foxtel and ASTRA are going up against the free to air channels over the right to air sport. ASTRA has set up its own web site “Fair Go Sport” and an ad with its position on high rotation (you can see it on the site, can’t find it on You Tube). Channel 9 (and the other free to air networks?) have hit back with their own ad and website, “Save My Sport“.  I haven’t seen this one very often but that’s probably because I have cable and rarely watch the free to air channels.

I presume one of the factors influencing the debate is the demiseof the Fox Footy Channel after a new rights agreement was struck between the AFL and the free to airs.

ABC news had an article over some recent controversy that has emerged from this story.

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