XY Cusp

October 30, 2006 at 12:10 am | Posted in General, Generation X, Generation Y, Pop-cult, Random | 2 Comments

Not only was this (or a variant – cusping, the cusp, cusper) a possible title for this blog as it would have outlined my life sitting between these two ‘generations’ but the other day I found it was an actual term. Hand to heart I thought I had been somewhat original until I saw this on Wikipedia. Damn you! I guess it was a good call on the title then…unless you read some of the other Google results for active procrastination.  

The whole discussion about generations came up at work as some of my coworkers have to do a report on managing Gen Y staff. Thrilling, no? I asked why they need to do research when they have a member right here, to which I was derided for not ‘really’ being Gen Y. In terms of my attributes I think I am more Y than Xbut I’m just on the edge…the cusp. At times I feel sorry for us cuspers (no matter which cusp) because we’re doomed to be forgotten in the larger commentaries but on the plus side we get the best of both sides, so yay to us. We just need to make the most of it before those Millenniums (or whatever it’s termed) take over and make us obsolete. As to a generation’s traits while they do seem fairly uniform for the many within a generation ultimately it seems that these classifications are the secularists or scientists’ star sign.

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