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I have to apologise for forgetting to include this site for studying French in my discussion of language learning by podcast. I’ve used this for a little while and I think it’s pretty good and it is distinctly different to Japanese and Chinese pod. Personally, I quite like the musical interludes. Although as discussed before, like a balanced diet you need to mix the podcasts up with other modes of study to get the most benefit.

Also, Josh in Japan is back. So for a gaijin’s guide to Japan check him out. OK for some reason the link function isn’t working and the html isn’t showing any discrepancies so…JiJ’s site is: www.joshinjapan.com

Now on a random note, I’ve been looking at hundreds of emails at work today and it strikes me as odd that in this day and age people would submit registration emails like: http://www.address@place.com or address.place.com So weird.

Learning by pod

July 12, 2006 at 1:58 pm | Posted in French Lessons, Japanese lessons, Language Study, Mandarin Lessons, Podcasts | 3 Comments

I recently got a search hit for Japanese Pod 101 and I thought it would be a good idea to go into more detail with my language learning experiences through the medium of pod-casting instead of the one sentence aside I had previously.

Besides JP101 I also use Chinese Pod. I think they may be jointly owned; although they have different sponsors the similarity in their site design is remarkable. Though that’s just mild speculation on my part and has nothing to do with their product.

The great benefit of both is the ability to download lessons on a variety of topics and abilities in a fun, up to date setting that is by far an improvement over my previous audio systems – language CDs. However, just like those CDs I’d often get distracted or start pondering something or other while commuting. The easiest time to listen. As a result I’ve tended to not absorb or learn as much as I could or should. 

One of the features on JP101 (not sure about CP) is a feature providing sub titles on ipod and some other mp3 players. My Imate doesn’t appear to have this function but for everyone else it’s great!

Both as a language learning tool and a money earner (they definitely deserve it) the hosts (who are fantastic) recommend visiting the site to download a plethora of other materials. It’s these additional materials and helpful community on their forums that put both pods above the rest. They have 7-day free trials that should help if you’re undecided as well as basic and premium packages.

The audio is an important part of the learning process and the added materials help to round everything out although it’s important to note, generally, and for me to acknowledge that without dedication all of these wonderful tools will not lead to growth.

This blog is part of developing that dedication. If you have the motivation take a look at the pod-casts.

I would have liked to tell you about a French pod-cast but sadly there is no French equivalent that I’ve found of equal value. If you have a suggestion please let me know.

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