Brisbane mini trip 2009

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It’s been about 2.5 years since I was last in Brisbane and for better or worse not much has changed.

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The Queensland Museum is largely the same as it has been for years and years. Though there are now new areas devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and colonial/state history.

The museum doesn’t occupy a particularly large space and in addition to the above also covers subjects such as dinosaurs, animal extinction, historic vehicles and a rotating exhibit space.

It’s free and a nice enough area to wander around but unless one of those topics catches your attention it’s fine to skip.

The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) had opened just before I was last here and I’ve come back on this visit in order to check out the special exhibit “The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6)“.

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GOMA itself is largely unchanged but of course the APT6 items are new and come across the region from Iran to Japan. The pieces included video installations, interactive displays and then everything in between from wall hangings to full houses.

My personal highlight was a room full of densely packed hanging threads that you wander through bare foot while trying to avoid collisions with other visitors.

Brisbane (117)

Conformity through production.

Brisbane (39)

Randomly in the ground floor bathroom they have a video display of hand washing!

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APT6 is free and well worth a wander. Where one artist’s efforts may bore another will invigorate!

My only critique of the gallery is to question why the restaurant and members lounge both overlook a freeway and truck depot rather than the Brisbane river. An odd choice!

Brisbane (43)

After GOMA we wandered over the Wheel of Brisbane ($15; 10 mins; 3 rotations). It’s nothing compared to the London Eye but still provides a good view of the city and surrounds. One advantage of the Wheel over the Eye is that there’s a volume controlled narration of some of the notable buildings.

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Unfortunately one of the facts they decided to include was the use of a bridge in the straight to video Inspector Gadget 2. Seriously? If it’s not a good thing don’t include it.

More photos at Flickr.


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I’ve left Sydney. The last month and certainly the past few days have gone by in such a blur of reeling from one must do to another I haven’t had a chance to fully process what I have done and more importantly what I’m about to undertake.

I did get an opportunity to take photos of Potts Point on Monday and act like a giddy tourist in the process and will post them as soon as I can.

I finally managed to clear out my apartment and get it ready for the cleaning company I’d hired so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. While I knew I was being overcharged I didn’t really care as long as it got done and it didn’t feel totally appalling until the realtor looked at the receipt and started laughing.

I’d better get my bond back now.

I made it back to my hotel room where for the upteenth time over this week I culled my belongings and madly rushed out, fortunately finding a cab and few traffic problems. That turned out to be a good thing as I made it to Qantas Domestic literally 2 minutes before the 30 minute deadline. I knew Jetstar was a stickler for this but had no idea Qantas was becoming similarly tough with timelines.

Then onto the security checkpoint. Previously I have said that Sydney airport is less stringent than other airports but not this day where shoes off andfollow ups were all the rage. Normally, I’d throw my wallet into the small tray but this time they said no, allegedly there have been thefts.

The flight was fine and made easier by an almost empty plane and being offered more food. Yes airplane food but with no breakfast it was appreciated. The only downside was that my headphones didn’t work (nor did quite a few others on my side of the plane). At least it’s only a short flight.

Brisbane. Too quiet. I ended up getting to my hotel, which for the price, was not worth it but unlike previous trips Brisbane seems to be lacking well placed and priced accommodation. I ended up falling asleep for most of the day and woke up and wandered over to the Valley where most places were shut or shutting down. Even Fat Boys isn’t 24hrs anymore. The next few days I spent chilling out (ie avoiding doing my must do’s).

It felt good to relax before coming back to Logan and ostensibly get myself organised. Of course it is now Saturday before I leave on Monday and I’m still well off the list. Nonetheless, it has been great to catch up on sleep and meet up with my Brisbane friends before leaving the country indefinitely.

Boxing Day & The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane

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I was in Brisbane for Christmas this year and on an overcast Boxing Day went to the city and visited the new Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).  The building itself, as you’d expect being a new oneis quite modern looking but being Queensland is not overly wild or avante-garde although on the plus side it features views of the city from Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct. 



GOMA features numerous large spaces permitting greater flexibility to the curators when developing displays. On the day I went they also had the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art and this provided an excellent insight into the development of art in the region. GOMA also offers movies and a retrospective of modern art over the past few decades.

For an inexplicable reason, I found the Jackie Chan video collection the most notable. A dark (read: good chance of falling over a bench) section with many, many TV and projected screens of Jackie’s movies.

Overall, I found GOMA to be interesting and quite pleasant to wander around, although not being able to take water through is my perennial annoyance. Though with one exhibit made entirely of sand it is at least understandable. I definitely recommend Brisbane’s GOMA over Sydney’s MCA.   

A Brisbane weekend

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This week I travelled to Brisbane and so once again we’re sans a Sydney site. On the plus side I had the chance to see my family and celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday – or really the pre-party BBQ. The main activities will be on Tuesday when the actual date is.  While I had the chance to meet some of my friends the bulk of the weekend was family fun or travelling back and forth between city and the suburbs.

I did go to the Museum of Brisbane, it was ok but not really a museum about Brisbane, rather special exhibits. This week there were several. The first was a retrospective of the history of the Miss Australia pageant (not specifically Brisbane), the second was a display of male artists’ work on the topic of male identity (presumably by Brisbane artists), and lastly in the hall were some banners about the history of Shakespearean performances in Brisbane and Australia.

All in all a very quick and easy museum, as it’s free and in the centre of the city you should check it out particularly if the exhibits are good.

Before I left I downloaded a bunch of podcasts, in addition to my standard ones I’ve added some new ones including Anime World Order, the Front Row Crew and the Ninja Consultants.  While I like all of them I’m enjoying Front Row the most. Check them out, they’ve got different topics everyday that speaks to my inner geek.

Inner geek?

My geekiness also started to pay off on my holiday as well and my flight home as I began seriously studying hiragana.  While I’m not 100%, my writing is terrible and I haven’t even touched katakana yet I do feel confident about recognising the characters so I can continue my studies. As a result I’m a bit behind on my study plans but still in relatively good shape.

Lastly, my new apartment’s views have already paid off when I was able to see some of the fireworks that were being done over the harbour. So cool! I’ve no idea why they were being set off, but who cares.

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