Christmas in London

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Did a few things in London over Christmas in 2012 and 2013.

Winter Wonderland – Hyde park has a large fun fair and market, Winter Wonderland from November to January. We were there on a rainy day, which meant attendance was down so walking around was easier. It was pleasant to wander and see what was happening, drinking mulled wine and eating. We didn’t go on any rides, the ones that looked most fun predictably had lines and that wasn’t enough incentive to pay and stand around for a while.

Geffrye Museum – is a museum that showcases the home through the centuries. Over Christmas the rooms are decorated as they would have been in the different eras. So if you’d like to see how past generations celebrated the season this might be a good thing to check out.

Smithfield’s Auction – on Christmas Eve morning if you still haven’t bought your turkey you can pick one up at the famous auction at Smithfields. If you’re planning on buying (instead of just watching) make sure you get there early and probably do some reserch about the etiquette/rules. I’ve no clue!

Wandering around on Christmas Day – in 2012 and 2013 I lived close enough to central London to ride in and walk around without having to worry about public transport being shut. In 2012 it was rainy and I had to wait for a friend before we could start. By then it was around ten and a few people were about and by the time we arrived at Trafalgar Square at 11 there were a lot more tourists. A quiet Sunday and not at all eery. 2013 was a later start and I started at St Pauls at 11 so by the time I arrived at Trafalgar about an hour later it was very busy. There were also plenty of shops open. If you want to try and get a quiet Christmas experience try and get things done by 10:30 at the latest. Photos from 2012. 2013 doesn’t have anything particularly different (and I’m lazy and won’t add to flickr for a while).

Lastly, there are also a quite a few markets around town.

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