Assorted: Royal Institution of Great Britain, Proms, Zoroastrianism & Olympics

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More assortments:

Royal Institution of Great Britain – They have a small exhibit space covering scientific discovery, particularly the work conducted at the Institution. It’s in central London and relatively fast to get through. Apparently no photos of this 😦

Proms – Went to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time and for my first Proms. This was #5 Lachenmann / Mahler. The Hall was smaller inside than I expected but it’s a beautiful venue with predictably great acoustics. The Lachennmann piece was a premiere and seemed to divide the audience (at least those near me), although got a rousing applause. Perhaps it because it had ended? From what I gather it was a piece highlighting the sounds that you normally don’t hear. I get the premise but ultimately it didn’t work for me (though all the people near me who were unimpressed made it more challenging to get into). The Mahler piece was much more accessible and crowd friendly and so a great way to end the night. Would definitely try and see more proms next year. Can’t seem to find the photos 😦

SOAS Zoroastrian exhibit – The SOAS gallery has an exhibit on Zoroastrianism, which for the uninitiated offered a good starting point to learn more about it. No photos of this either.

The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics – I was very lucky and got the chance to go to a number of events at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics: Men’s football (including a match with GB), Women’s Gold final football, BMX riding, Judo, a sampling of paralympian events at the Excel Centre like powerlifting, judo, ping pong, wheelchair fencing and sitting volleyball. One of the best times was definitely being at the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. Very cool. Generally speaking all of the events had an awesome attitude that made it incredibly fun and I was happy to be part of it. Photos.

Athletes parade. After the Olympics ended there was a celebratory athletes parade through London. We walked down to Fleet Street to watch some of it. It was a fun afternoon seeing all of the athletes and the medals. Photos.

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