Assorted: Marathon, St Paul’s music, Thatcher funeral & St Patrick’s day parade

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More assorted activities:

London marathon – On the day of the London marathon I walked down to Westminster and took some photos. It was only a brief wander but the weather and atmosphere were great. Everyone was cheering on the runners and giving them plenty of support. I don’t think I could ever run that long and am impressed by those who did. Photos.

Music at St Paul’s – On 23 May 2013 I went with some friends to St Paul’s for a Beethoven concert. It didn’t touch my soul but sitting in this epic cathedral listening to music is definitely an experience and one I’d like to do again. Photos.

Thatcher’s funeral – when former Prime Minister and Baroness Margaret Thatcher died, her funeral procession came along Fleet Street on its way to St Paul’s for the ceremony. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go down to the street for the procession (BBC footage certainly showed a lot of people). I did manage to take a walk at lunch to see what was left over. Photos.

St Patrick’s day parade – Went and watched this year’s parade for the first time. It was fun, there were a variety of floats and they moved past at a reasonable rate. Probably better to watch with friends and then head off to a pub for a pint. Photos.


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