Assorted: AFL, Rugby, Jewel Tower and Oktoberfest

December 28, 2013 at 3:52 pm | Posted in London, Tourism, UK | 1 Comment
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Assorted bits and pieces:

AFL – By random chance I was walking near Oval and saw a bunch of Australians sporting AFL team colours. A quick google later and and it turned out there was an exhibition game. Called a mate who knew about AFL, we bought tickets and I went to see my first AFL match. It wasn’t a great first time, even my mate who’s a fan thought it was lack lustre. According to wikipedia there were 10,000 people but it definitely feel like it. Pretty sparse. Still wouldn’t mind seeing another match sometime, maybe back in Australia one day.

Rugby – Continuing the sporting them I went to see another first, my first live rugby game at Twickenham on 29/12/12. The Quinns vs the London Irish. It seemed like everyone was still suffering from post-Christmas sluggishness and my rugby mates were less then impressed so my own lack of attention was well placed. Happy with the company though! Would like to get the chance to see another match too.

Jewel Tower – An English Heritage property opposite Parliament. It doesn’t take too long to walk around and gives a quick snap shot of the democratic process in the UK.

Oktoberfest – Another 2012 item. Went to the Oktoberfest in Kennington with some friends and it was random but good fun.

Photos at flickr.

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