Max Payne 3

December 27, 2013 at 4:59 pm | Posted in Gaming | 1 Comment
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Played Max Payne 3 a few months ago after finding it for £5 on Amazon. That was a good deal. Still a good deal at £10 but any more than that and I’d not enjoy it.

Caveat: I’ve not played any others in the series and the closest I got was watching the movie.

After a few people suggested changing difficulty to easy and I won’t lie that did make it easy. For a player like me the flow was constantly being stymied by dying. I appreciate that a human should after being shot a few times, but I don’t always play games for realism. I’ll leave it up to you whether I’m a bad player or not for not being able to stick with the grind on normal.

My other criticism is that the cut scenes were a bit too long and kept me out of the game.

Overall I felt obliged to play the game (and because I didn’t have any others) but didn’t really enjoy it. Possibly just my play style another one for you to ponder.

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