All new people

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Went and saw Zach Braff’s play “All new people” a (few) years ago. Memory is a bit fuzzy so obviously take this quick review with a grain of salt.

To be honest I found it all a bit tiring. The story of someone who wants to commit suicide and the effect that some random interlopers have on that decision. Combining this with the interplay between the characters revealing all their own secrets and issues felt a bit predictable and didn’t seem to connect into a seamless whole.

It felt like the actors were trying though and maybe if you got a cheap ticket but in the hypothetical world where this was still playing I wouldn’t recommend it. Sorry. I wanted to like you!

Book of Mormon

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Book of Mormon is a musical from the creators of South Park. It’s very funny and appropriately touching too. It’s the story of a Mormon fresh out of missionary school going to Africa to spread the word of god, with predictably mad cap results. Having watched a lot of SP I expected it to be very crass but it’s been tamed down a bit for the Broadway/West End theatre goer. Having said that it is definitely not for children.

If you can go do try to. However the price point you’re comfortable will be up to you. Apparently some tickets are now in the hundreds of pounds and if I paid that I’d feel like I’d not got my money’s worth. Though that’s my price point and I’d not pay that for any event. Each to their own and all that.

Max Payne 3

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Played Max Payne 3 a few months ago after finding it for £5 on Amazon. That was a good deal. Still a good deal at £10 but any more than that and I’d not enjoy it.

Caveat: I’ve not played any others in the series and the closest I got was watching the movie.

After a few people suggested changing difficulty to easy and I won’t lie that did make it easy. For a player like me the flow was constantly being stymied by dying. I appreciate that a human should after being shot a few times, but I don’t always play games for realism. I’ll leave it up to you whether I’m a bad player or not for not being able to stick with the grind on normal.

My other criticism is that the cut scenes were a bit too long and kept me out of the game.

Overall I felt obliged to play the game (and because I didn’t have any others) but didn’t really enjoy it. Possibly just my play style another one for you to ponder.

New Year’s Day Parade 2012(?)

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As 2013 draws to a close it’s time to remember the new year’s day parade from 1 Jan 2012 (at least I think that’s the one). Yes it’s been a while.

So was getting up and heading into central London on a public holiday worth it to see the parade (and limiting the new year’s eve frivolity)? No.

For starters it rained. Which is not the parade’s fault but didn’t help matters. The parade was a combination of small London floats (or people on bikes/walking etc) and American marching bands. The latter were great and even with the rain and dwindling crowds kept their energy up.

Sadly the London one’s just didn’t have anything to keep the attention but the biggest problem was the timing. There were large portions where the group in front of us had finished and gone past and the next one was no where in sight. Not really a parade in my humble opinion.

Thanks to the random who let me shelter under his umbrella too.

As I didn’t go last year it may have improved and 2014 might be super so if you’re free give it a go and let me know but I doubt I’ll be back any time soon.

Sadly it seems a change of phone and a bit of a delay in writing this has meant I can’t find the photos. Guess I shouldn’t procrastinate so much…

Hyderabad 2013

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Earlier this year I visited Hyderabad in India and got the chance to do some touristy things, like:

Golconda Fort – very cool complex, I’d assumed it was going to be a quick few minutes but even without knowing the history it was still an impressive experience with great views and some monumental construction.

Charminar – from photos it had appeared to be massive space (like Arc d’Triomphe) but the footprint and surround roads is much smaller. Nonetheless the views from the top and the walk around was a cool time.

Birla Mandir – My favourite part of Hyderabad this white marble complex (that bans shoes, phones and cameras) was a pleasure to walk around in the early morning as my bare feet made their way up the marble steps with the blue sky framing it all.

Salar Jung Museum – it’s a very large museum complex with a very large collection but as museums go it felt weak (though I am spoiled by the world class museums in London).

Hussain Sagar Lake – we drove around early in the morning so didn’t get the full experience. Apparently at night there are markets and light which can be charming. There’s also a giant Buddha statue in the lake.

There are quite a few other things to see in the city so make sure to do some research to find the right thing for you.

It was a quick visit and I only saw very small fragments of the city so can’t give an overall comment.

You can check some photos at flickr.

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