Bioshock Infinite

November 24, 2013 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Gaming | 1 Comment
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Bioshock Infinite is in the same continuum of the other Bioshock games but was lacking something. Think one of those was user based and the other was due to the initial story. The main plot was fine if a little telegraphed but not reaching the heights of the first (I probably was keeping an eye out for those sorts of things since the original game).

So user error first. In earlier games when changing powers you had to access set points to do so, in Infinite you could do this any time via a menu. I’m sure this must have been explained I just missed it so spent most of the game only using the most recently acquired powers. Once I finally realised I powered through the levels much easier (too easily?).

Gameplay/story wise in the earlier games you start the action pretty quickly having been thrown into the worlds. In Infinite you spend a substantial amount of time immersing yourself in the world. I understand that it’s to show you the utopia before it collapses and that this gives the story weight. I just wasn’t expecting it.

Overall I didn’t mind it. Not rushing back though (although never played any of the games twice).

Catching up continues!

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