Opera: The Minotaur

July 20, 2013 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Opera | 1 Comment
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Last year I went and saw my first opera and earlier this year I watched my second, The Minotaur, again at the Royal Opera House. You would have thought that given that experience I wouldn’t be that keen to watch another but it was a year later and the Minotaur was a modern piece. I’d been told that it would be more energetic.

The Minotaur follows the famous Greek myth of the hero descending into the labyrinth to slay the beast. I once again didn’t have my glasses so squinted to read the text, luckily knowing the story helped immeasurably. It also meant I could focus more on the stage rather than looking up to the surtitles.

This modern opera had a more powerful score so while not much happens in most of the scenes the vocals and orchestra meant that I was largely engaged.

I’m still not sure that my short attention span can handle the opera but I’m willing to try again…might have to be an annual thing though.


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