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In 2012 I went up to York during a particularly snowy winter.

Some of the things to do:

  • York Minster – York’s impressive cathedral, take a walk around and soak it in
  • Clifford’s Tower – on the other side of the city from the Minster (but easy to get to), at the top of the tower you can get great views of the surrounding area
  • Yorkshire Museum – not overly impressive (though I’m biased after having access to London) but covers a number of topics so something for everyone
  • JORVIK – when I mentioned I was coming to York people recommended JORVIK, it’s a Viking centre which covers the period when the Viking were in charge of the area. Part museum, part ride where you take a vehicle on rails seeing and smelling the activities of the time.
  • Betty’s – As well as JORVIK the other must do people recommended was Betty’s. A tea room in the heart of York offering teas and cakes and a very pleasant atmosphere.


  • Yorkshire pudding – You’re in York why not have one of them!
  • alleys and walking – The city is well known for it’s crooked and narrow streets and alleys, make sure you walk around
  • The city walls – much of the city walls can still be walked on so give that a go. They were closed when I was there due to the ice.

Photos at Flickr.

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