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Visited Leeds in 2012.

Some things I did:

  • Royal Armouries Museum – want to know about weapons? Here’s the place! From medieval to modern, there’s a lot to see here and it will take several hours to go through all of the exhibits
  • Leeds Museum – Eclectic mix, one of the sections that was particularly useful was the development of the city especially the impact of the industrial revolution on it and its citizens
  • Leeds Art Gallery – Collection of art, what more would you need to know?

Take a walk around town, if you like shopping there’re lots of options and pedestrian malls. Many of the buildings are impressive as well.

Probably did some other things but my photo set is incomplete so my memory isn’t getting jogged.

Some photos at Flickr.


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In 2012 I went up to York during a particularly snowy winter.

Some of the things to do:

  • York Minster – York’s impressive cathedral, take a walk around and soak it in
  • Clifford’s Tower – on the other side of the city from the Minster (but easy to get to), at the top of the tower you can get great views of the surrounding area
  • Yorkshire Museum – not overly impressive (though I’m biased after having access to London) but covers a number of topics so something for everyone
  • JORVIK – when I mentioned I was coming to York people recommended JORVIK, it’s a Viking centre which covers the period when the Viking were in charge of the area. Part museum, part ride where you take a vehicle on rails seeing and smelling the activities of the time.
  • Betty’s – As well as JORVIK the other must do people recommended was Betty’s. A tea room in the heart of York offering teas and cakes and a very pleasant atmosphere.


  • Yorkshire pudding – You’re in York why not have one of them!
  • alleys and walking – The city is well known for it’s crooked and narrow streets and alleys, make sure you walk around
  • The city walls – much of the city walls can still be walked on so give that a go. They were closed when I was there due to the ice.

Photos at Flickr.


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Ages ago now I went to Dover. Quite possibly nothing is still relevant but hey let’s give it a go.

While I didn’t go to the cliffs I did take the day to explore the fascinating Dover Castle.

It’s walkable from the station on the way you can visit the Dover Museum (notably the bronze age boat) as well!

The castle complex is large and easy to wander around where you’ll learn about the different periods (from medieval to world war two).

There are some interesting exhibits, particularly the new (at the time) ones dealing with Operation Dynamo and the evacuation of Dunkirk. The downside is that due to space restrictions if mis timed with the arrival of a tour bus(es) you may find getting into some of these exhibits more of a challenge.

Otherwise a great day out and recommended!

Photos at Flickr.


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In 2011 I went to Halifax for a wedding, which was great and I did a tiny bit of sightseeing as well.

The main place, other than just wandering around was Shibden Hall. Bit of a walk to get to but not unmanageable and if you have a car it’s very easy.

It’s a historic building (first constructed in the 1400s) set amongst large gardens that are perfect for walking around or sitting in and enjoying the day. Take the opportunity to walk through the house and learn about its stories and the people and work undertaken there over the hundred of years.

Photos at Flickr


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Went to Frankfurt in 2011. It was pleasant but hot and I just missed out on their MuseumFest. This is from 2011 so hopefully has improved but from my stay I would not recommend the Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof as the description they provided on Expedia didn’t match what was present. I do appreciate Expedia providing swift feedback on this. For example it lists air conditioning in the room but there was only an upright fan.

Other than that I enjoyed walking around the riverfront and modern and historic city centres with its town hall. It may have been that the venues were getting ready for the Fest or I chose the wrong days but several others that I wanted to go to were closed, luckily there were plenty of others.

  • Museum for Moderne Kunst* – Modern art, that’s about it.
  • Goethe-Haus – museum house about Goethe, need I say more? I hope not…
  • Jewish Museum – tells the story of the Jews in Frankfurt over the centuries
  • Sculpture Museum – weirdly this museum covers sculpture, primarily European but also others from around the world
  • Museum of Applied Art* – art from various regions including some modern
  • Museum of Communication – very interesting and much larger than anticipated but covering, as you’d expect communication throughout the centuries. Quite a lot in English too.
  • Caricature Museum –  comics and caricatures good to wander around if that’s your thing
  • Judengasse Museum – an archaeological dig from a Jewish settlement

(* Note: I know I went to a few art galleries but I’m not 100% which ones, think it was those above but Stadel Museum might have been one as well)

I believe I went to a few other museums and churches around town but unfortunately I don’t recall their names. Guess I shouldn’t procrastinate on these things.

As you can see there were plenty of places to go and make sure you plan accordingly.

Photos at Flickr.


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In 2011 I visited Bonn in Germany. It’s small but pleasant to walk around, both the small town centre and along the river front.

Kunstmuseum – have a walk around the art gallery particularly the rotating modern ehibits

Beethoven House – birthplace of Beethoven with a large collection, if you’re a fan and/or would like to learn more come here

Bonn Minster – central cathedral with the usual impressive religious interior

‘Haus der Geschichte’ of the Federal Republic of Germany – Bonn was the capital of West Germany and this museum covers the history of Germany since WW2 to today. Plenty of English and a variety of exhibits to keep you interested.

I may have been to other things but between Flickr and two years after the fact I think these are the main attractions I went to.

Photos at Flickr.

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