Museum of London (part 2)

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Many years ago, when I first arrived in London, I visited the Museum of London. I was disappointed to find that it only went up to 1600 but was told they were going to be opening new sections in a few years.

And was the wait worth it?

Emphatically yes!

The new galleries are now putting the old ones well and truly to shame.

So did much happen to London between 1600 – now? Quite a bit, from the great fire, empire, wars and various social upheavals. The curators have done an excellent job of covering the city’s history and presenting the content in stimulating and memorable ways. On the downside, if it could be considered as such, there can be a bit too much information, so it’s not as easy to do a quick trip and if there are a lot of visitors it can be quite the challenge to read.

Some of the more interesting elements to the presentation are in the Victorian period where there’s not only a streetscape to wander along (make sure you pick up the summary board at the entrance) but also a ‘real’ pleasure palace. You can sit in the middle and watch videos projected onto the sides reenacting the period.

The new galleries also have a number of screens, many of which are touch enabled. When I visited it was painfully obvious that everyone has been influenced by Apple’s interactivity model (even me and I don’t have an iphone) in how we expected things to work when we did certain things. Generally it didn’t work directly how I assumed it would. This is fine, every system is different afterall, perhaps a brief instruction panel? Would this destroy the aesthetic too much?

The museum is free and well worth the visit for both cynical Londoners and tourists alike.


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  1. I think the Museum of London is a dandy museum, and one that’s kind of off the radar for most tourists.

    • I totally agree it’s such a great museum and with the new galleries it’s even better!

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