Mile End Walk

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A few months ago I heard about a guided walk around Mile End and jumped at the chance to have a wander along Mile End Road.

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At Stepney Green tube I met our guide Derek, a group of retirees and my ozzie blogger mate who’d suggested the walk in the first place.

For the next hour or so we looped around the road and some of the surrounding streets, hearing about the history of the merchants, mariners and some of the buildings that still exist along the road as well as a few notable ones that had long gone, such as Captain’s Cook former home.

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Eventually we made our way back to the tube station and said our farwells. For those who want to, you’re invited to lunch and then to walk around the first Jewish Cemetery in England and Queen Mary College.

I’m sure those would be interesting sites but the downside with the tour was it did drag on for a while, my only other criticism is that Mile End Road is heavily trafficked and as  result it could be difficult to hear Derek.

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Overall it was a worthwhile walk, providing an opportunity to see a part of London I wouldn’t have gone to or previously thought much about. For £2 it’s a great deal and Derek has clearly done a lot of research and is passionate about the subject. To find out when the next walk is (they’re infrequent) contact Derek on: derek AT terrahun DOT demon DOT co DO uk (stopping spam spider bots is horrible!).

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  1. Good blogs and pix, Tilbs! Ta for mentioning me. I’m also starting up a new blog – – if you could pls mention it somewhere?! My parents get to London on Tues night, but we’ll have to try and catch up with Mel either this week or next. When are you around?

    Amy x

    PS. Have been wondering for so long, but what the bloody hell are you going to be studying at uni?!

  2. Derek has a fairly new webpage which has details on his various publications.

  3. Derek knows his stuff!!

  4. I’m terribly sorry for the delay in replying to your comments. Feedback is normally greatly appreciated but I’ve unfortunately been distracted by a few things.

    Thank you for your comments! It definitely looks as though Derek has his supporters and it’s good to know he’s got a webpage too.

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