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Out at White City you’ll find not only a brand new(ish) shopping centre but the BBC Television Centre. For £9.50 (Adult) you can take a 1.5 – 2hr tour around the complex. Pre-bookings are essential as they won’t allow purchases on the day.

BBC Tour (4)

So the question is do you get enough bang for your buck? On the whole the answer is yes. Once you’ve met your group you’ll walk through security and past the news room for your first major introduction and background on the centre. Next up you’ll exit outside and it is revealed that the complex is in the shape of a giant question mark – the best shape apparently for the plot of land that also allowed speedy access to the studios.

BBC Tour (5)

Moving beyond you’ll see some of the studios and the wonders of green screen technology as it applies to the weather. Some of tour group had seemingly never encountered it as it was met with plenty of exclamations. Now it’s onto one of the dressing rooms and a mock studio for some group participation in front of the ‘cameras’.

BBC Tour (7)

Throughout the tour you’ll get snippets of backstage gossip and things like the excesses or not of various celebrity riders.

The guides we had were great fun, informative and very willing to answer questions. For example I asked who normally Twitters for the BBC’s various feeds. Apparently it’s normally a junior producer (who will also look after the other social web duties in addition to their other tasks). I believe their names were Jamie and Elizabeth (I hope!).

At the end of the tour you’ll get a chance to go to a BBC shop and buy some paraphenalia.

Overall it was a reasonable experience. The tour often references BBC shows (fair enough) and for those of you out there who have an emotional attachment will probably have an even better time!

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