Portobello Road Market

March 5, 2009 at 12:24 am | Posted in London, Out and About | 2 Comments
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I’ve been to the famous Portobello Road Markets previously (on Saturdays) but never during the week. Going on a Tuesday may have been a mistake. There were no stalls, which I can appreciate although plenty of other markets have stalls every day. Without the stalls to block access to the shops I assumed that all the businesses along the street would be open. Unfortunately, that’s not the case either. On this particular day the street was quiet and uninteresting.

In contrast to Saturday it was totally dead. Realistically you should go when all the hustle and bustle is present (not to mention the extended shopping opportunities), granted you’ll have to deal with that same hustle and bustle.

Nonetheless, Portobello Road Market is still one of the most fun wanders through London that you’ll have, not to mention it’s near the Museum of Brands and Packaging – my next stop.


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  1. Not really in the same category, but still an open-air market, have you visited the Borough Market at Southwark? It’s a fabulous farmers market that was actually functioning when the Romans invaded in 49AD. The market was acknowledged as an institution by 1276, and in 1754, the market at Southwark was officially recognized by Act of Parliament, with its 4.5 acres in Central London permanently safeguarded.

    Today, it’s a bustling culinary paradise packed with fabulous seafood, game, fruit, veggies, honey, jams, herbs, and myriad other delights. The crowds include not only knowledgeable shoppers stocking their private larders, but also restaurateurs in search of the freshest and best ingredients. And many vendors sell snacks and even lunches, so you don’t have to choose between shopping and eating.

  2. Wow that’s really informative! I’ve been a few times and snacked there occasionally – quite tasty. I knoew it was old but didn’t know that it was from pre Roman times. Good to know. Thanks!

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