Cardiff – Overview

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Cardiff is a nice city. I know that’s not the most ringing endorsement but Cardiff doesn’t really seem to offer much out of the ordinary. There are some pleasant places to wander like Bute park, any number of arcades criss crossing the main streets and there of course a number of attractions.

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However none of these really stood ut. Cardiff will be a good place to hang out and chill but there are plenty of other places you can go to first.

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Certainly a weekend would be sufficient. I found the the people incredibly friendly and helpful so that’s a plus!


'The Tube' Visitor Information Centre


The Norwegian Church (closed when I came)

After going to the city’s main attractions I was still largely none the wiser what it means to be Welsh, what the historical events that shaped the country were and what was the impetus for devolution. Granted I was only visiting for a brief period but I would have expected to come away with some level of appreciation for the differences and uniqueness inherent in Welsh culture. Unfortunately not.

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While I was in Cardiff I stayed at the Hotel Mercure Lodge. It was reasonably priced and offered a large double bedroom with ensuite. Really the only negative is that it’s not well located.

More photos at Flickr.


Got harrassed by some youths for taking a photo of the street on the way back from Cardiff Bay


Cardiff seems to be rebuilding nicely after the troubles from earlier this year.

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