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I rather enjoyed Edinburgh. I found it pleasant and quite fun but honestly after a few days I had become restless. If I stayed longer I would investigate day trips while using Edinburgh for the night life, anecdotal evidence suggests it’s pretty good – albeit with a 3am closing time.

One of the features of the city that I found fascinating was the levels. There’s an upper and lower city. From the lower area – presumably for the poorer classes back – you can look up at the bridges connecting the upper city. It’s quite striking.

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There are an assortment of small quirky shops around town that you can stick your head into or a range of gardens to take a brief respite from the city. Besides shopping here are a few other places of interest:

Greyfriar’s Kirk is a historic graveyard to wander around and inspecting the gravestones
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The Police Museum on the Royal Mile is actually a working police station with some  small exhibits on punishment, law and order in the city. From what the officer on duty said the museum is to try and help tourists feel comfortable about reporting problems. It’s quick but nothing like Japan’s.

-Above the Palace and Parliament is the impressive Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat. You don’t need to be fit or even wear particularly good shoes. I made it to one of the main sections but I should have brought a bottle fo water and was a touch dehydrated to venture further up or to some of the other areas. Still worth it and pleasant.
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Parliament was closed on the day I tried to visit. Hopefully it has an information center or guide. Let me know!
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Calton Hill is another good vantage point to look out over this self-styled Athens of the North. It features a half finished version of the Acropolis.

Overall I found Edinburgh fun and in my short time there I feel like I’ve learnt something about what it means to be Scottish. Not a great deal but something.


While in Edinburgh I stayed at the Euro Hostel. Dorm style rooms with a common bathroom. The single bed was clean, the bathroom was less so but still ok. A decent place for a short, central and cheap stay in the city.

More photos at Flickr.


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  2. HI,
    You did some great photos.

    There is information available about the parliament, but you have to get into the parliament to get it – so if it’s closed – not helpful!

    Just a little out of the centre of Edinburgh you can go to – Cramond Island – a tidal island, no longer inhabited, but worth a walk round – when tehtides out!
    – Portobello beach – which has a very good fish and chip shop which is only open in summer months
    the climbing centre at Ratho.

    Further afield, cross to Fife, go to Stirling – plenty of options.

    Hope you get back to Edinburgh soon!

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