2007 – apparently was the year for pod slurping

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The boffins over at Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary have announced the word of the year is two words “pod slurping”. It’s good to know that they can come out with this in February well after the nostalgia [insert year] lists that normally proliferate in December/January.

Pod slurping what is that? No seriously, I’ve never heard of it. 

According to published reports and Macquarie they have been defining pod slurping as downloading a large amount of data to an MP3 player or memory stick.

Initially, this didn’t help me understand how this was the “word” of (last) year as it hadn’t come up on any tech podcast, web pages or article I subscribe to and if it did it was certainly not prolific enough to make an impression. I put it down to the fact that most of these aren’t Australian sites and therefore we may just be behind in the discourse.

Either that or since I left in May everyone has been pod slurping and driving each other crazy saying pod slurping but unable to stop themselves pod slurping. Pod slurping.

Of course a quick Google/Wikipedia has solved my conundrum by revealing the slight flaw in their definition. Pod slurping was coined in at least 2005 when slurp.exe was developed for the illicit scanning and removal of data to a portable device. This use of pod slurping has continued and it is surprising that this element of the usage and the reason behind its creation were ignored.

Using the word correctly doesn’t detract from its “inventive and sensuous appeal” and would actually help to raise the issue of possible data theft during the brief period where people will pay this story any attention.

I have to wonder what resources the committee used to define the word of the year, after all … Google.


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  1. Can’t believe you don’t pod slurp :-p

  2. Shocking I know. I feel so out of sync with everyone!

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