Coffee @ Goswell – my new favourite place

August 6, 2007 at 6:00 am | Posted in cafe, Coffee, Food, General, Out and About, UK | 3 Comments

There are a few things I look for in a regular coffee shop and luckily I’ve found a place that meets most of these needs in Coffee@Goswell, located on oddly enough on Goswell street near Old Street, Barbican and Angel stations. So how does this cafe measure up against my needs?

First and foremost is the coffee (obviously) and not just any coffee but a mocha. For me the definition of a good mocha is it must be sweet, at least a little thick and of course chocolatey without adding extra sugar to mask the lack of chocolate or other sweetener. Not having to add sugar is a fairly big indicator on the general quality. Australian coffee was sometimes a miss but on the whole it was reasonable and sweet. Of course having the Lindt cafe so close may be skewing my assessment. Meanwhile in London the coffee has been lacklustre. I’ve resorted to Starbucks. Of all the shame but at least their mochas are usually the same standard. C@G has excellent coffee, thick, sweet and easy to drink, therefore being a big plus for them. Of course this might just be my palette’s reaction to the weak coffee I’ve been subjected to over the past few months.

Second, the atmosphere and amenities. Ideally, I’d like a place that is relaxing and has comfy chairs, almost a la Central Perk in Friends. On this score C@G does well with sofas around a central table with other tables and chairs on the side – so plenty of seating. Along one wall is a stretch of eltrical sockets for those with laptops and a few internet cafe PCs as well. The cafe has wi-fi (pick up the code at the counter) but what do you expect from a cafe using the @ symbol? I don’t feel out of place reading a book, working on my laptop or pulling out my DS. However, on the flip side there is limited seating outside; it is basically just a bench and I may be wrong but I don’t think there are bathrooms inside.

Third, other food and drinks. Other than their coffee I’m also a fan of their berry smoothie. Very tasty but I’ll have to start expanding my choices to see if they are all as good. My big disappointment is the lack of a kitchen and set menu. The cafe offers a selection of pre-packaged meals (sandwiches and salads) as well as any number of cakes. I can’t be too harsh on them though (well I’d like to be) but it seems as though this “style of cuisine” is the norm for most cafes. On the plus side at the end of the day the staff put any uneaten cakes and pastries out on a table and they’re all free. Yes free food is really the clincher for me!

C@G is open 7 til 8 every day and they stop serving about 7:45. The staff are friendly and helpful. I’ve only been there a few times and they already seem to know me. If you live in the area and hankering for good coffee Coffee@Goswell is an excellent choice.

UPDATED 13/01/08 – Two additonal points on C@G – First and most important is that the wifi is now free with purchase which should mean more money for you (although I have experienced their router dropping out). Second, apparently this place is dog friendly (there are dog treats on the counter) and people bring their dogs in off the leash. However, I’m not really a fan of letting them wander everywhere and I think as dog owners you should watch where they go so they aren’t bothering anyone or blocking anything.

Although if the staff aren’t concerned by them going behind the counter then who am I to complain? Oh right a customer.


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  1. Sounds good! Can I come visit? Seriously, August Bank holiday is comig up and I got no long weekend plans…

  2. Yes, I meant coming – sorry, jetlagged.

  3. Tilbs, this place sounds good. Is that the one we went to last year where we got the free food? If not I must check it out. Yes I know what you mean about dogs. They love taking them with them anywhere they go over here. Who let the dogs out?!

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