Japan Photolog – Sakai

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Photos from Sakai, more on Flickr.

Japanese Garden in the Japanese city of Sakai.
Sakai 81

More of the garden.
Sakai 72

Power lines ruining the garden.
Sakai 58

I believe this is the Peace Tower, it’s completely massive and overbearing. I suspect that if Japan goes nuclear this is where they will launch their missiles from!
Sakai 46

Peace Tower behind the garden.
Sakai 67

More of the Tower behind the garden.
Sakai 66

This building reminds me of something out of the Flinstones.
Sakai 41

On my early and long wanderings I thought there was a kofun through these bars, luckily I eventually found the right one!
Sakai 20

Another place I thought was a kofun but was really a waterworks.
Sakai 14

How to get around in Sakai?
Sakai 19

Another signpost for walking around Sakai…if only they were easy to see.
Sakai 17

A sign post I thought was indicating the tour map around Sakai but, no, completely wrong way.
Sakai 9

Another marker for the fun “Where’s Wally” game of how to find your way in Sakai.
Sakai 15

Mini map of the some of the Sakai area.
Sakai 8

Information board showing the scope of the kofun.
Sakai 33

Distances around the largest kofun in Japan.
Sakai 24

The Nintoku-ryo kofun.
Sakai 29

Nintoku-ryo kofun.
Sakai 26

And last a bit of random, Duh, a thin house.
Sakai 1

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