10.5 Last day in Japan and off to London

June 19, 2007 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Japan, London, Tokyo, Travel, UK | Leave a comment

Checked out of the hotel without difficulty – well other than the mad rush to get to the airport in time. Rather than go through the hassle of changing a few trains and too many commuters jostling me with my luggage I decided to take the Airport Skyliner. I almost missed it when the ticket vendor gave me the wrong type but a mad rush back up the stairs and back down to the platform again had me sorted out. The train trip was uneventful and arrived at the terminal without difficulty. There was already a line for the check in counter but that was easy and now the waiting for boarding.

Food, wandering, sitting and more food helped to fill the time.

My BA flight was ok, the service and food was fine but the lack of variety in the entertainment (same content cycled through every few hours) and the alternating squalling child on the right aisle and noisy Germans on the left with me in the centre did limit my sleeping. Granted I rarely sleep well in chairs. Which makes the lack of good media all the more pressing.

Arrival in London! Passed through immigration with my British passport and felt a thrill of “Oh wow so I’m really British now” and naturally, having checked my bags in early in Japan meant they came out onto the carousel late. Next to the trains where the efficiency and attempted assistance to foreigners so readily found in Japan was replaced by….London.

I asked three different staff how to validate my pass and all gave me different directions and gruff exteriors. I’m sure they’re all cheer on the interior though.

Eventually got to St James and my hotel Vandon House. Decent enough for a single room with shared facilities and located in a central location. It is well situated and after checking in I walked to Buckingham Palace to look out over my new home and thinking everything looked quite twee.

Post mini sightseeing trip went back to the hotel and fell into bed for some quality sleep. 

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