Day 2 – what?

May 11, 2007 at 11:15 am | Posted in Japan, Tokyo, Travel | 1 Comment
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Bizarrely, or not really to be unexpected, but on day 2 things just went a bit wonky. I woke up hungry and groggy and not from alcohol induced slumber, so went out in search of food. I think I need a primer on Japanese breakfast / early morning food because it all gets lumped in with what I (cultural icon that I am) would consider eating in the evening. I`m not yet comfortable with eating Western style for breakfast. I`m also still adverse to eating from convenience stores.

So I wander aimlessly through the markets hoping for something interesting looking. No luck and it seems as though most shops don]t become active until much later around midday – granted they close at 8 or 9 in the evening.

Deciding to skip the food option until lunch I move onto my second task – access to the internet. While I can do this at the hotel I wanted to check out a manga cafe. Apparently there were several in Ueno and in I went and as I walked up the stairs I got the feeling that this was not your standard manga cafe. My first clue? Porn posters on the wall. Followed by porn movies for rent in the reception area (no sign of manga). So the internet led me astray in looking for places to use the internet, perhaps it really is all about sex?

Waits for hits based on the preceding paragraph….

I decide to skip the option of sitting in a leather chair and using the Internet. Until later when I`m advised on a reputable and legitimate manga cafe. Has the same booths etc but a much less sleazy vibe.

Before the real manga cafe I had some ramen noodles at a shop near the station and is always packed. For good reason it was very tasty.

Perhaps as a result of the food, dehydration (always thirsty in Tokyo), jet lag or not drinking coffee for a few days but I was exhausted and so went and slept.

Yes it is this riveting. Shut up.

Until later in the evening when I met an Aussie friend for a drink and a quick catch up before we had to go our separate ways. Him to work and me to wander around Shinjuku and all the bright shiny lights. Tonight for dinner I tried a sushi train and given there were plenty of locals I thought I was onto something but unfortunately not. I can say that I have had better in Sydney or Brisbane.

I will try more sushi before I leave and hope it`s better.

All in all a quiet day but on my way home I reserved a seat on the Shinkansen bound for Osaka and day Day 3.  

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  1. Hehehe…… laughing very much about your manga cafe experience. Clearly your Japanese is not at a level where you can read the signs above such establishments 🙂

    hhmmm…. sushi…. I’m hungry 🙂 Have some sashimi for me!

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