Thank you

May 4, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Posted in General, Random, rant | 4 Comments

Thank you to the thief who stole my money by accessing my credit card details.

Thank you for doing it in a location I most certainly wasn’t.

Thank you for doing it on the last business day before I went overseas.

Thank you for not doing it while I was overseas.

Thank you for waiting until I paid off a chunk of my card before maxing it out.

Thank you for making me question every time I hand over my card or details. Creating an apprehensive shopper in the process. 

Thank you to the bank for spotting the fraudulent activity and blocking the account so quickly and being very understanding on the phone.

Thank you to the bank for taking up to 45 days to resolve whether or nor to refund the amount.

Thank you to my parents for helping me out when I go on my holiday until I can access my card and credit again.

Thank you.


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  1. Are you okay? So sorry to hear about it. I know what it’s like. I had $1500AUD stolen in Capetown once. But you should thank your lucky stars it wasn’t overseas because it would be a nightmare to get sorted out.
    Ring me as soon as you get here – xxxxxxxxx – and let me know if you need help with anything.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon – I’ll take you out for a drink as soon as you land.
    Amy x

  2. Hey T (not using your realy name – i’m sure you are ultra paranoid about keeping your identity secure now) – hope everything is smoothed over now. Here’s a thought – you were approved for a new limit, then someone rips you off. Wonder if they applied for the increased limit on your behalf? Now, that makes you wonder…..

    Keep in touch!

  3. What the…
    thats a shocker, but i do love your thankyou’s to everyone. But i have to ask, didnt STOP SAM teach you anything, not to share you logins or passwords with anyone!!!!

  4. Heh I like to fly in the face of the rules! Besides SAM just seemed so nice, I couldn`t imagine he`d use my details for anything wrong!

    Thanks Amy am definitely looking forward to catching up!

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