Thank you

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Thank you to the thief who stole my money by accessing my credit card details.

Thank you for doing it in a location I most certainly wasn’t.

Thank you for doing it on the last business day before I went overseas.

Thank you for not doing it while I was overseas.

Thank you for waiting until I paid off a chunk of my card before maxing it out.

Thank you for making me question every time I hand over my card or details. Creating an apprehensive shopper in the process. 

Thank you to the bank for spotting the fraudulent activity and blocking the account so quickly and being very understanding on the phone.

Thank you to the bank for taking up to 45 days to resolve whether or nor to refund the amount.

Thank you to my parents for helping me out when I go on my holiday until I can access my card and credit again.

Thank you.

Potts Point photos

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Here are some photos of Potts Point (and Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutter’s Bay) the rest are on Flickr.

A very dodgy person used to live behind these bars 😉
Potts Point (69)

I love tree lined streets – even in Autumn.
Potts Point (10)

The stairs you love to hate.
Potts Point (15)

It can’t be helped, another Harbour shot.
Potts Point (21)

Sitting back, doing nothing. Looks good to me.
Potts Point (48)

Potts Point (11)

Is that what I really look like?

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Now that I’ve been forced out of my usual home environment into the wilds of Internet Cafes I’ve realised that this blog doesn’t look quite right. At home the side widgets line up at the top of the page along side the text but most computer displays bump it to the bottom after the text.

I suspect it might be the size of some of the images and instead of going back and editing them I’ll just keep posting until they drop off the main page. Luckily there’s quite a bit of content to get through.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to fix this that’d be great. If removing those photos doesn’t work I’m thinking of playing around with some new templates and seeing if this resolves the matter, so once again if there are any you’d prefer let me know.


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I’ve left Sydney. The last month and certainly the past few days have gone by in such a blur of reeling from one must do to another I haven’t had a chance to fully process what I have done and more importantly what I’m about to undertake.

I did get an opportunity to take photos of Potts Point on Monday and act like a giddy tourist in the process and will post them as soon as I can.

I finally managed to clear out my apartment and get it ready for the cleaning company I’d hired so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. While I knew I was being overcharged I didn’t really care as long as it got done and it didn’t feel totally appalling until the realtor looked at the receipt and started laughing.

I’d better get my bond back now.

I made it back to my hotel room where for the upteenth time over this week I culled my belongings and madly rushed out, fortunately finding a cab and few traffic problems. That turned out to be a good thing as I made it to Qantas Domestic literally 2 minutes before the 30 minute deadline. I knew Jetstar was a stickler for this but had no idea Qantas was becoming similarly tough with timelines.

Then onto the security checkpoint. Previously I have said that Sydney airport is less stringent than other airports but not this day where shoes off andfollow ups were all the rage. Normally, I’d throw my wallet into the small tray but this time they said no, allegedly there have been thefts.

The flight was fine and made easier by an almost empty plane and being offered more food. Yes airplane food but with no breakfast it was appreciated. The only downside was that my headphones didn’t work (nor did quite a few others on my side of the plane). At least it’s only a short flight.

Brisbane. Too quiet. I ended up getting to my hotel, which for the price, was not worth it but unlike previous trips Brisbane seems to be lacking well placed and priced accommodation. I ended up falling asleep for most of the day and woke up and wandered over to the Valley where most places were shut or shutting down. Even Fat Boys isn’t 24hrs anymore. The next few days I spent chilling out (ie avoiding doing my must do’s).

It felt good to relax before coming back to Logan and ostensibly get myself organised. Of course it is now Saturday before I leave on Monday and I’m still well off the list. Nonetheless, it has been great to catch up on sleep and meet up with my Brisbane friends before leaving the country indefinitely.

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