Cafe Hernandez, what’s happened?

March 19, 2007 at 10:34 am | Posted in Australia, Cafes & Restaurants, Coffee, General, Out and About, Sydney | Leave a comment

Cafe Hernandez is a bit of an institution in Kings Cross/ Potts Point, known for its coffee and being open 24 hours. The last time I’d been here was about 8 months ago while I was studying late at night, needed caffeine and a chance to get out of the apartment. If memory serves it was quite tasty and on other earlier occasions the food was also pretty good.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I went back there and tonight visited its new shop just off Oxford Street and frankly, the quality of the food, coffee and service have all taken a serious dive. Perhaps splitting their attention has weakened their capacity in both.

Service at both has become (more) surly and quite slow, which is particularly surprising when there are no people in the shop. The food lacks taste and was quite bland and uninteresting. I had pasta tonight and sought out the burnt pieces as this gave it overall food just a little more badly needed flavour. The coffee is ok but nothing worthy of the self-congratulatory tone on their website.

Cafe Hernandez you’ve failed me twice in almost as many weeks. Even if I was staying in Sydney I would not be back and should I require a caffeine hit late at night I’ll stick with whatever I can find at a local convenience store.

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