75th Anniversary Bridge Walk

March 19, 2007 at 11:44 am | Posted in Australia, General, Out and About, Sydney | 5 Comments

Sunday evening Miki and I went to North Sydney to participate in the 75th Sydney Harbour Bridge walk. While there was a delay at Town Hall station – resulting in a bit of a crush and some very annoying passengers – we managed to disembark and begin the walk without difficulty.

While you had to register ahead of time at no time during the walk were we asked for our details – which probably explains why according to late night Channel 9 news 500,000 walked across, 300,000 more than had registered!  Prior to getting onto the bridge itself you could collect a free cap. Green during the day and orange with a small light in the evening. We looked like a couple of miners and the light is still working 24hrs later! It appeared they had a considerable stockpile and that seems to indicate the organisers were prepared for the influx of people.

It was not that busy on the bridge, with plenty of space to walk around and stop for any number of photos. Unfortunately I only used my standard settings resulting in almost pitch black photos and only later did I start to figure out how to use the night options and as an amateur they occasionally came out a tad blurry.

As for the walk, it was quite cool with lights turning the frame blue, the pylons red and now throw in a bunch of white spotlights all of over the place. Adding to the all of this was a soundscape with speakers pumping out newscasts and songs from different eras. It sounds a little bit tacky but in the end all of the elements including a festive atmosphere made the experience worthwhile.

After the walk we ate and wandered over to the Opera Bar to look out over at the bridge and do a serious bit of people watching. While there, a number of people asked us and others if or when the fireworks would start. I understand that everything in Sydney normally leads to fireworks at the bridge but it was not included in the day’s official schedule so I remain a little confused as to how this rumour got started.  People with their cameras and tripods were still waiting at 11 for fireworks that would never come.

According to the BBC they decided against fireworks because “the organisers do not want to distract from the magnificence of the bridge.” Even though almost all events in Sydney use the bridge as a hub for fireworks. Cynically, I think they declined to have them because this would result in a concentration of crowds and traffic chaos would result. Something Sydney-siders would not appreciate again and officials would find distasteful this close to an election. Although given current polls the government could have had a traffic meltdown and still win.

People walking on the bridge:
Sydney Harbour 75th Birthday (25)
The bridge after the show:
Sydney Harbour 75th Birthday (39)
A silent and shut down George Street (kind of creepy):
Sydney Harbour 75th Birthday (16)
A vague effort to use the correct settings on my camera:
Sydney Harbour 75th Birthday (29)


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  1. Nice pictures. Are you going to blog your Earth Hour outing/viewing?

  2. Where have you gone, Michael? Did you fall down a well?!?

  3. Heh, quite possibly – back now though and looking forward to coming to the UK!

  4. Nice night scene, here are some photos taken during the day.


  5. Heh, thanks for the positive comment! I enjoyed your post.

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