Behind the times

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On the 14th January the latest addition to the ICRC’s list of emblems increased with the addition of the Red Crystal which now supplements the perennial Red Cross and Crescent. I do recall a lecturer mentioning that this might occur but that was last year and since then I’d obviously forgotten – until now. Admittedly, I haven’t been watching the news that much lately but I do read a lot online at work and I am surprised that the Red Crystal did not receive greater fanfare.

At any rate we (very much a global we) now have three symbols to assist in the protection of humanitarian affairs. Only time will tell whether the ICRC can successfully promote the Crystal as a symbol of protection for civilians that is treated on the same level as the Red Cross and Crescent. Granted and sadly the latter aren’t always respected.

Tokyo Fiesta?

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Monday saw the arrival of the Tokyo Fiesta in Martin Place as part of a tourism push for the city – albeit coincidentally on the same day Prime Minister Howard is in Tokyo to sign some defence and intelligence agreements. Putting aside the confusing question of why this was called a fiesta let’s cover what was on offer. There were a number of performers on offer throughout the day such as drummers who I only heard in my office tower and traditional street performers. There were also master craftspeople showing off their wares as well as numerous travel brochures.

All of this pales into insignificance compared to the major attractions of a video about Tokyo and large pictures of Tokyo that you can get your photo taken in front of – like you are really there! So, no need to actually go now is there? I was actually amazed to see that people were lining up to get their photographs!

I did think it was kind of cool and I can appreciate that they are trying to promote a more traditional Japan and thus appeal to a different tourist but this is done on the backdrop of providing anime convention flyers and talking about the technology district in Akihabara  – neither of which had any presence within the fiesta itself.

Lunch time saw an interesting juxtaposition with the Fiesta on one side, David Hicks on the other and a Big Issue seller in the middle. All just a tad odd but all part of the reason I love Martin Place. The other, of course being free stuff at the station – although I can do without cereal!

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