Mardi Gras 2007

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The first Mardi Gras I went to was something of a disappointment; I was pleased to see that this year’s was an improvement. With several big screens set up it didn’t matter that I didn’t come hours earlier for a prime location. I staked myself out by Taylor Square’s screen to watch the festivities on the street and in the crowd. The only downside to this arrangement was the impossible task of taking photos of the floats. Oh well I was content watching it on the screen.

Mardi Gras

I have a short attention span so by the close of hour one I was getting kind of bored but decided to stick it out – mainly so I could catch up with Miki and Richard after. There were any number of spectacular floats and good looking people parading alongside in celebration. Not to mention a few dodgy ones but everyone seemed to be having a fun time.

Crowd wise, I found myself in human thoroughfares more often than not but this was considerably better than a few years ago when any number of waves of people pushed us right into the barricades. After the parade I noticed they had widened the pedestrian section and this no doubt alleviated the problem. Unless I’m particularly old there were a lot of young (under-aged) people attending. On the plus side I assume this is a good sign of acceptance/tolerance, on the bad, there did appear to be a (legal?) segment that weren’t able to hold their alcohol and were a tad unruly. Overall, despite some dickery, I thought the people were all very friendly.

My two criticisms of the event were the complete lack of rubbish bins – resulting in the streets being lined with garbage during and after the event. While I can appreciate from an efficiency perspective if it is easier just to sweep it all up at once but from a public safety view broken glass and thongs/sandals are nota  good combination, nor is the appearance of the city for all of the tourists, especially with Clean Up Australia Day and floats espousing environmentalism.

The Mardi Gras staple – Milk Crates.

The other minor complaint is that the screen occasionally had music playing. Personally, it would have been even more of a party atmosphere if they’d played music all night or at least more regularly and surely there is enough variety that they don’t need to play the same tracks more than once in a night?

I had a good time hanging out at Oxford Street and watching all of the activity and being able to wander freely through the area afterwards but I don’t feel compelled to come every year.


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  1. what are Milk Crates??

    On our way back via Hyde Park there were millions of underaged kids hanging around too and so was near the Townhall, the entire city was just mad and also full of trash!! On our bus back home, there were many 14yr-looking-girls wearing super sexy clothes as well and their trying so hard to look mature was making them look just really young..! (Now I feel really really old saying these!)

    Will give you some of my photo of floats and parades too. Though quite kinky ones included, not sure if you’d like to open those files at work. haha

  2. […] shortly before it began and found a spot along the route only one person back from the road. In Sydney when Mardi Gras rolls around in order to get a decent view you have to know someone with a balcony […]

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