The blogosphere is too fast for me

February 22, 2007 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Pop-cult, Procrastination, Random, Television, TV | 2 Comments

The Tropfest short film festival was held on Sunday and the winner announced as Steve Baker’s “Imaginary Life” a story of an abandoned imaginary friend. After hearing this and seeing a few brief clips my immediate thought was that this sounded very similar to “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.”

Sadly, before I could make some sort of witty comment (3 days after first thinking about it) the blogosphere and media were on the case resulting in an investigation into possible infringements.

I guess that teaches me to procrastinate these things!

Le Petit Creme

February 22, 2007 at 12:51 am | Posted in Cafes & Restaurants, Food, General, Out and About, Sydney | Leave a comment

On the weekend I went to Le Petit Creme in Darlinghurst for a late brunch and while sometimes crowded and noisy this all adds to the atmosphere of this French cafe. Le Petit Creme lists any number of breakfast foods but for me it is the place to go for omelettes and bowls of coffee that will have you energised for hours! (At least until the caffeine withdrawal hits). It is very pleasant to sit and read the paper or chat with friends either inside or out.

Generally speaking the service is fair and friendly – although perhaps a bit abrupt. On Saturday, after ordering an omelette gruyere I settled in with the Herald, a juice and mocha. Shortly, thereafter my meal arrived and my waiter accidentally knocked my juice all over me. An accident pure and simple and while a bit sticky I wasn’t fussed. On the plus side, they gave me my another juice, mocha and my meal all for free. The omelette was excellent and the mocha was quite nice as well.   

An excellent outcome and responsible service by the staff and regardless of the free food I would recommend Le Petit Creme as a breakfast eatery.

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